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    She raised you. The least you could do is get her a candle that smells like a national park.

    Mothers are pretty amazing, so treat them to some equally amazing gifts. Check out our 2018 Mother's Day gift guide.

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    Hashtags are actually useful for training computer vision systems.

    Hashtags are a good way to see millions of #travel photos in one place, but Facebook used those labeled photographs to train their image-recognition software.

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    Remote-controlled robots make data more accessible and are quickly becoming a desired tool in scientific research.

    Scientists often need to perform some difficult feats for research, like getting close enough to an elusive, yet enormous whale to get a biopsy of its skin. One…

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    Tengyun China Hypersonic Spaceplane

    Reconnaissance and strike capabilities of aircrafts with these engines could upend air combat and strategies around the world.

    The Institute of Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has agreed to build a factory in Hefei, Anhui Province, for the commercial production of hypersonic…

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    pac man

    How to interpret one popular Flat Earth theory.

    Silicon Valley kooks may hold the belief that we live in a simulation, but one conspiracy theorist at the Flat Earth Convention in England last weekend articulated an…

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    Seasonal allergies hit us hard, but you might be surprised by what kills us.

    Given how confused we all seem about what the word “allergy” means, it’s not surprising that it seems like suddenly everyone has one. But it’s not just our perception.

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    upset boy in headphones

    No matter what's bothering you about them.

    With good headphones, your music can sound indescribable...and your head can feel like it’s in a trash compactor. Here's how to make them more comfortable.

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    Our planet's personal space heater is incredibly efficient.

    Luckily for us, the sun didn’t burn out before we showed up a few hundred thousand years ago. But how could it have that much fuel? Why hasn’t it been snuffed out like a…

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    Just the fax, please.

    The invention of the fax machine has roots all the way back in 1840. But the future of the facsimile machine isn’t so certain.

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    someone washing a horse

    Three PopSci editors share the freakiest facts they could find.

    What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’d have an even weirder answer if you’d listened to PopSci’s newest podcast. Check…

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    Keep an eye on your toilet bowl (seriously).

    Invasive treefrogs have spread to Louisiana from Cuba, and are threatening to displace native treefrogs.

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    Tech rumor roundup

    Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.

    Keep it real with your tech rumors.

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    stephen hawking sits in front of a sign that says "Welcome Time Travelers"

    Hawking’s posthumous paper is more like a ruminative twist on multiverse theory, but that's just fine.

    Stephen Hawking’s death in March incited us all take a moment and think about the famed physicist’s impact on the scientific world, and the myriad ways his research…

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    Despite the headlines, airplanes remain the safest form of travel.

    Several recent high-profile incidents on Southwest airlines are outliers, according to decades of research on the relative safety of transportation modes.

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    padlock with keys

    A tin foil hat that actually works.

    If you digitally store sensitive information—think tax forms and legal documents—you need to take extra steps to keep that information safe from prying eyes.

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    Our best guess for what it would take to get to planets that are really, really far away.

    Proxima b, our nearest neighboring exoplanet, is almost 25 trillion miles away. It will take several hundred years to get there. Here's our best guess for what it would…

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    The endangered birds are picking up some parenting practice.

    Even though the little critter doesn’t represent the rare birth scientists had hoped for, there’s still reason to celebrate. The Black-footed babe could still do its…

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    May the fourth be with you and all that.

    May the fourth be with you. Star Wars swag you need. Read on.

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    You can do more for your health. And it’s not that hard.

    Researchers calculated that people who adhered to five things—drink no more than one glass of alcohol per day (two for men), maintain a healthy body weight, eat a…

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    Instant film cameras

    Instant prints make smart phone photography seem boring.

    You have lots of options for instant film cameras. Here's how to pick the best one for you.

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