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    Experts weigh in on a prickly predicament.

    The best trick for de-spining yourself depends on what type of cactus pricker you’ve been stuck with.

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    honey flowing off spoon

    Eating allergens seems like it should reduce sneezes. In practice? Not so much.

    Eating local honey to prevent the springtime sniffles seems like it should work: local bees collect pollen, pollen gets into the honey, you get exposed to the allergens,…

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    Buttercups are among the dormancy-prone plant species that have started to sleep through flowering season.

    Some species are hitting snooze on flowering season to cope with the stresses of a warming planet.

    Some plant species have found a novel way to cope with environmental dangers like a prolonged climate change-induced drought: They sleep through it. An international…

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    last week in tech

    Facebook does dating, a Waymo crashed, and don't forget to change your Twitter password.

    Download the latest episode of the Last Week in Tech podcast!

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    african elephant

    Adolescence is more than a state of mind.

    Adolescence is more than a state of mind. Here's how a few members of the animal kingdom handle the transition to adulthood—from African elephants to wolf spiders.

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    Moonset Viewed from the International Space Station

    Life as we know it probably wouldn’t exist.

    The moon is more than just a pretty face to gaze upon at night. It helps direct our ocean currents and tides, the movement of Earth’s atmosphere and climate, and even…

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    What you need to know about the company's developers' event.

    “The world is becoming a computer,” Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, said towards the beginning of his keynote address.

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    a cuckoo chick

    Thanks to climate change, these crybaby parasites are heading to North America.

    When cuckoos come to town, it invariably spells trouble for resident songbirds. New research shows that both common and oriental cuckoos may be moving into Alaska, which…

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    And other answers to the allergy questions you’re too afraid to ask.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about allergies, perhaps in part because we know amazingly little about how they really work. Our knowledge has exploded (much like…

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    They'll help you find the best date and time too.

    Want to plan a fun event for all your friends? You need these web apps to help you choose a date that works for (almost) everyone—and then collect RSVPs.

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    pelagic snail

    Scientists think these critters deserve their own category in recognition of this strange feeding method.

    Marine biologists like me used to think mucous grazing was a “catch-all” feeding strategy – the idea was these guys would just chow down on whatever their mucous sheet…

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    Google I/O 2018

    Android P and all the other good stuff from Google's annual coder gathering.

    Let's see what's new in the world of Android and Google at the I/O developers conference.

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    You have options when it comes to keeping furry menaces away from our feathered friends’ snacks.

    You have options when it comes to keeping furry menaces away from our feathered friends’ snacks. These feeders each keep the furballs at bay while welcoming birds.

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    Hawaii’s latest eruption has much to teach us about hazard mitigation, volcanology, and even outer space.

    The latest volcanic eruption on Hawaii is a bummer for residents, but a big boon to volcanologists.

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    jumping spider

    Kim the spider has a thing or two to teach us.

    We know spiders best as quiet, eight-legged monsters who lurk around and trap their prey with webs and venom. But 13 percent of the more than 450,000 arachnid species…

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    child parent field

    Kids and the elderly don't have much in common when it comes to allergies.

    If we were to sum up allergies with an emoji, it’d be a shrug. We know so little about them, and yet tens of millions of Americans experience allergies of some kind or…

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    Smart lights

    They can do a lot more than turn on and off.

    Sure, you can turn your smart lights on with an app—but they have lots of other abilities, from creating an artificial sunrise to changing in time with music.

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    The behavior of cuckoos and swarming bees could help us fly more efficiently.

    With the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution and operating costs, scientists and engineers are designing new algorithms to optimize flight routes…

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    These vehicles are ugly and eye-catching and that's the point.

    Autonomous cars may be capable of driving around on their own, but they still need to be able to communicate their intentions to other people on the road.

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    a woman in corpse makeup

    Three PopSci editors share the freakiest facts they could find.

    What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’d have an even weirder answer if you’d listened to PopSci’s newest podcast.

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