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    pregnant woman eating

    Health concerns while carrying a baby shouldn’t be much different from the rest of your life.

    Women spend a lot of their lives being told what to do—and not do—with their bodies. This is perhaps the most true during pregnancy. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone…

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    Deep Sea Nautlius Minerals China Underwater Mining

    There are giant robots involved.

    The Deep Sea Nautilus is the world's first dedicated underwater mining platform that can operate underwater robots.

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    See it with butterfly wings.

    The same trick that makes a South American butterfly’s wings transparent could improve eye implants for people with glaucoma…

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    Snap Spectacles

    Snapchat’s latest face-wear, Amazon delivers to your car, and the latest episode of the podcast.

    Download the latest episode of our podcast and catch up on tech news.

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    Another reason you should make yourself a frequent gym visitor

    We’ve all been told that exercise is good for us. It reduces stress, keeps our muscles and bones healthy, and makes our hearts stronger. But the exact cardiovascular…

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    a degraded coral reef

    It's bad news for fish when their homes go quiet.

    When reefs get damaged, animals die and the orchestra stops playing. That silence makes it harder for young fish that have grown up in the open ocean to find a way back…

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    The Thinker Statue

    Let me Google that for you.

    We mined the Internet for those persistent truisms that just aren't true, then figured out just how many of you are Googling each of them. Come get your facts straight.

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    InSight is blasting off this week.

    Of all the wonders in our solar system, there’s no place beyond our own planet that’s been studied more intensely than Mars. But all of this activity still isn’t…

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    beagle lying on carpet

    Social norms are wrecking your grief experience.

    The perfect coffin for a gerbil is a Celestial Seasonings tea box. With the tea bags removed, the white wax-paper bag inside is the ideal size funeral shroud for a tiny…

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    last male rhino

    An animal fertility expert takes on a particularly tricky patient.

    An animal fertility expert takes on the tricky business of endangered-species insemination. "I've always loved to solve problems other people cannot."…

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    Type faster from home row all the way up that tricky "Q."

    Boost your productivity by increasing your typing speed, using nothing but your web browser and these (mostly) free apps.

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    Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage to talk about Facebook's post-Cambridge Analytica future.

    Facebook's annual developers' conference gives us a look into the social media network's big plans for the next year.

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    No need to sniffle about it, though.

    The word allergy originated in 1906. In the intervening century, it’s come to mean a million different things to a million different people.

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    Researchers are working on designs to help sop up pollutants.

    Microbeads have a pretty bad rap. The plastic ones we’re used to hearing about look like tiny specks, but have added up to a lot of pollution in our lakes and oceans.

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    'Robot Elevators to Serve 85,000'

    Governed by complex electrical brains, through miles of copper-wire nerves, this fleet of automatic elevators in the Empire State Building is expected to handle an…

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    water droplets MIT

    Cool things happen when you control water with a computer.

    Researchers at MIT have created a system by which droplets on a horizontal device follow a computer’s instructions.

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    But they might wobble.

    Earth is kind of overdue to see its magnetic field pull a 180 and reverse on itself. But according to a new study, the magnetic field might be feeling a bit shaky, but…

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    dna test

    It's time to think about who has your data.

    The suspected Golden State Killer’s apprehension last week caught a lot of people off guard. Prior to the big reveal that detectives were able to trace the alleged…

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    And possibly bring it back to life.

    If your computer won't start up, don't panic. This guide will take you through troubleshooting tools to help you fix your computer—or at least recover your data.

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    Kansas City, Missouri

    People need trees, but they keep destroying them.

    Trees are beneficial to human health and the fight against climate change. And yet, tree cover is on the decline in urban settings, where we need them the most.

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