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    New Gmail

    Don't let the phrase "Gmail redesign" make you panic

    The new Gmail redesign offers some handy features and a new look.

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    Arctic Landscape

    Scientists now have a better idea of just how much microplastic reaches the Arctic. It's a lot.

    A new study from researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany found that microplastic—tiny chunks only a few micrometers long that are easily ingested by…

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    Amazon trunk delivery key

    Your trunk just became your mailbox.

    The service is part of a system called Amazon Key.

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    asteroid collision

    High impact research.

    Water is everywhere on our planet. If it's not crashing against the shore, it's pounding on the roof, or dripping from the faucet, or pooling unfortunately right in that…

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    brain in a jar

    As our ability to create organs expands, ethical questions come into play.

    There are lots of reasons one might want to grow brains. For starters, they would allow us to study human neurological issues in detail, which is otherwise quite…

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    Tips and tricks for the Apple, Google, and Microsoft contact apps.

    Your contacts are in a hopeless jumble. Organize them with these tips and tricks for the Apple, Google, and Microsoft contacts apps.

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    New York City's fire department has assembled one of the largest firefighter research populations in the world.

    Two new studies, published in the journal JAMA Oncology, analyze cancer risks among firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center attack.

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    Thanks the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for the recent assault on your inbox.

    All those updated privacy policy notices in your inbox are coming from a new European internet privacy law.

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    Every step of the drilling process can cause harm to the delicate ocean environment

    Marine scientists say that opening up more areas to drilling means disruption for marine ecosystems and an even greater increased risk for oil spills.

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    Ancient daggers carved from femurs were pretty fierce.

    It turns out human bones, especially thigh bones, were prized by New Guinean warriors as materials which could be carved into exceptionally strong, fierce daggers.

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    Climate change is causing spring to arrive earlier and earlier, altering the seasonal rhythms that plants and animals rely on.

    Weekend warriors are tracking the early emergence of spring.

    Climate change is causing spring to arrive earlier and earlier, posing a challenge for plants and animals —as well as the scientists who study them. So now they're…

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    sloth being hunted

    Or maybe they were just having fun?

    You might think a ground sloth would be easy to kill. What’s it gonna do, walk away from you at half a mile per hour? If you, like me, made this joke when reading the…

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    No thanks, ants. No thants.

    It’s spring now, which means warmer days, budding flowers—and the first onslaught of ants. Here are a few ways to prevent them from taking over your home.

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    Solar-powered products

    Stay in charge wherever the sun shines.

    Power your life with these 10 solar-powered products that'll keep your phone charged, music blasting, and room lit.

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    gaias view of milky way

    The Gaia satellite charts stars like never before.

    The truth is, scientists don’t know the exact positions or velocities of the vast majority of the stars in the Milky Way. But now a new tranche of data from the European…

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  • 04/27/18--10:00: Can my dog get me sick?
  • It’s possible, but it’s not the most likely culprit.

    Unfortunately for us, the line of disease transmission does not end with germy children and coughing colleagues. Dogs, cows, mosquitos, ticks, mice, sushi, your…

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    the capitol building in washington, DC

    It sounds like something you'd want, but it makes public health research almost impossible.

    On their face, transparency and reproducibility are hard to argue against—they are fundamental principles of the scientific method—but in practice, calls for greater…

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    H-20 Stealth Bomber H-X China

    The H-20 is China's future stealth bomber.

    The H-20 is China's future stealth bomber with a strategic reach. Plans for other bombers, though, are less clear.

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    He thinks spaceflight will soon be routine.

    So many people long to be astronauts when they grow up, but only a few people ever actually make it to space. The ones that do are emissaries for the rest of us, their…

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    Force Jacket

    The future of VR goes beyond sight and sound.

    Made out of a converted life jacket, the Force Jacket uses airbags that inflate, deflate, or vibrate to literally give its wearer a feeling of being touched.

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