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    trevor bauer

    A professional athlete's mental game is just as important, if not more so, as their physical one.

    Though the physicality of professional athletes may be the most visible part of their game, their mental training is just as important—and it can be just as rigorous.

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    andy weir answers tweets for popular science

    His favorite astronaut, his most beloved fictional space explorer, and the discoveries that would have changed the plot of 'The Martian.'

    Andy Weir's favorite real astronaut, his most beloved fictional space explorer, and the scientific discoveries that would have changed the plot of 'The Martian.'…

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    octopus suction

    And now it's going to die.

    When the University of Georgia’s Marine Education Center and Aquarium acquired a common octopus recently, they got somewhat more than they bargained for.

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    These are the 2018 winners of the Vizzies Challenge.

    Check out the 8 winners of this year's Vizzies awards for science visualizations…

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    They're even better than the real thing in some ways.

    A synthetic canine is a good option for vets who need to practice basic skills.

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    Naturally 7 at the Bell Ice Cube in Vancouver BC– Stock Editorial Photography

    They’re blazing new linguistic territory.

    Many artists produce sounds entirely unknown to modern linguists. Now you can see exactly what produces those extra-lingual effects.

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    U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. during the day.

    The 2018 midterm elections shifted the balance of power in the House of Representatives. Here's what that means.

    For the first time since 2010, a democrat will chair the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology following the 2018 midterm elections.

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    Toilet reinvention Gates Foundation engineering

    Bill Gates took a jar of poop on stage to remind us of this fact.

    Every sanitation expert in the world is in Beijing right now, at a Gates Foundation-sponsored conference on the future of the toilet.

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    a mosquito on a white background

    It might be a pretty important question.

    A new study asks a question about the yellow fever mosquito that’s never been asked before: just how many can you fit in a syringe?

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    Epigenetic markers on DNA can reveal far more intricate details about someone than current techniques.

    Forensic scientists and law enforcement agencies around the world think leveraging epigenetics could add key tools to the investigative arsenal. They’re working to…

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    emergency sign

    No saliva required.

    CPR is easy now—and you don't even have to do mouth-to-mouth. Here's how to assist fallen cardiac-arrest victims.

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    pasta gluten free

    The first real treatment for celiac might work by shooting gluten straight into your veins.

    Despite the explosion of gluten-free food in the last few years, actually being on a physician-prescribed GF diet isn’t easy.

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    pinhole camera preparation

    Will these copper cameras survive climate change?

    The final images will be presented at an exhibition at Sierra Nevada College in 3018.

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    The ocean is digesting itself.

    Acidic ocean waters, an effect of climate change, are destroying the seafloor.

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    Broad-spectrum light happy lamp Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

    Hibernation, unfortunately, is not a healthy option for humans.

    Seasonal affective disorder is a common problem in northern latitudes. Fortunately, you can fight it.

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    Facebook now gives you a grace period on your bad messages—and other apps do too.

    You can unsend Facebook Messenger messages—if you're quick enough…

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    a view of the pacific ocean from space

    An old theory gets a new assist from the sun.

    Exactly how water sprung up on this planet has always been a perpetual mystery.

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    One of the largest studies yet on the relationship between cell phones and cancer hasn't shifted the scientific viewpoint.

    Research into the relationship between cell phones and cancer has been ongoing since the 1990s, when David Reynard sued a cellphone company after his wife developed…

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    girl holding her nose because of a bad smell

    Science can spike that stink.

    Big honker or petite button, our noses hate when bad odors linger nearby. Luckily, science can help you root out that foul stench.

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    the minard system book cover

    A new book catalogues the map-maker's lesser-known works.

    Charles Minard was not a designer by trade, or at least not the kind of artsy mind we usually think of as great creative minds. Minard was a civil engineer who spent his…

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