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    instant soup ramen bowlp

    Flimsy cups of scalding water are not stable snacks.

    It shouldn’t surprise us that flimsy styrofoam and plastic cups aren’t exactly stable vessels to contain boiling water.

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    We still don’t understand why we see the particular images we do.

    Sometimes the noggin’s wiring goes haywire and sends phantom cues called phosphenes. They are the tiny stars that blur your vision when you whack your head or rub your…

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    lie detector

    Deception detection meets artificial intelligence.

    A border project in the EU involves tech focused on deception detection. Just how accurate can it be?

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    man glasses reading newspaper

    Three tips to avoid sneaky tricks.

    Whether it's a story about which foods will kill you or which politicians are likely to get elected, chances are some simple stats knowledge can help you out.

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    Email typing

    Take charge of your privacy.

    Want to remove your email from the clutches of Microsoft, Apple, or Google? You can configure your own email server. Here are a few ways to do it.

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    Become a social media superstar.

    Use our Instagram tips to discover new friends, protect your privacy, change up your filters, keep a private collection of your favorite photos, and more.

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    atmosphere earth ozone

    Despite mostly positive changes, a scientific assessment of the Montreal Protocol shows how we still need to do better.

    A three decades old international treaty to phase out chemicals that deplete the ozone layer protecting our planet from harmful solar radiation is paying off. Thanks to…

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    man installing carbon monoxide detector

    When the furnace turns on, the risk increases.

    Carbon monoxide poisonings happen most commonly in winter, when we seal up our homes and burn extra fuel for warmth. Here’s how to keep the deadly gas out of your…

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    Their blood might hold the key to stopping every flu, every year.

    Llamas may be large and fluffy, but their antibodies sure aren’t. And that could be a huge advantage when it comes to fighting human influenza virus.

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    MacBook Air

    It's about time we got that new MacBook Air

    A new episode of the podcast and new Apple stuff to gawk at? What a week.

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    The Dawn spacecraft flies above the dwarf planet Ceres

    Kepler and Dawn guzzled through their precious gas for similar reasons.

    The asteroid-hopping Dawn spacecraft lived a very different life from the exoplanet-hunting Kepler telescope, but they shared similar struggles.

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    Wind farms could absorb some of the energy from hurricanes before they hit land.

    Wind turbines churn out clean, renewable energy. But one day they could do even more by reducing the rain brought by powerful hurricanes.

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    Spider-like creature with a body that looks like a black dog's head and four long, yellow legs.

    My dear, you have… THE GRIM.

    There is an arachnid in the rainforests of Ecuador that looks like a big black dog’s head sitting on eight super-long yellow legs.

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    Google Home Hub

    Google Home Minis and Echo Dots are really cheap this holiday, but they're complicated gifts.

    A smart speaker is fun to unwrap, but things get complicated once its set up.

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    a cpr dummy

    Virtual reality might help solve the problem.

    Picture it: you’re in the street and the person standing beside you collapses. What do you do? If you step in, you’re more likely to end up performing CPR on a man than…

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    Four doctors wheel someone on a stretcher down a white hallway, tilted and slightly blurry focus.

    Dsuvia should be available early next year.

    A new, super-powerful opioid drug just received a stamp of approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

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    Gravity makes the Earth round.

    The answer has a lot to do with gravity.

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    soda energy drink cans

    Nothing about the combination of stimulants inside Monster and Red Bull is healthy, and some of it is actively harmful.

    Energy drinks aren’t food. They’re classified as supplements, which means they’re unregulated and free to have as much caffeine as manufacturers want to shove inside a…

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    Scientists are getting closer to making self-healing materials a commercial reality.

    Plants self-repair and regenerate naturally. Your devices could soon do the same.

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    Despite what Harvard scientists say.

    Three things are certain in this world: death, taxes, and people going bananas over aliens.

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