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    two dogs in bed with noses peeking out

    Rise and shine!

    In winter, the sun rises later, which makes it twice as hard to crawl out of bed in the morning. Here's how to propel yourself into the new day.

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    headless chicken monster sea cucumber

    A mysterious and wonderful cuke.

    Enypniastes eximia, in scientific parlance, is weird and wild, but we still don’t know much about it. And that’s pretty standard for deep-sea critters.

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    sunshine in an ice cube

    Digging up the particles trapped in layers of Arctic ice.

    At the poles, falling snow doesn't melt; it collects in layers that stretch back in time. Particles trapped in this ice can reveal ancient climate secrets.

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    Palm phone

    Check out the latest episode of our podcast!

    Get all caught up on the most recent tech news.

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  • 10/22/18--11:30: Why do we get goosebumps?
  • Happiness and fear are more similar than you might think.

    Scientists are not entirely sure why we get goosebumps, though they think they are likely a hand-me-down survival mechanism from our ancestors.

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    Satellites provide a safe and accurate alternative.

    Today, meteorologists have mountains of information to use as they track a hurricane. This amount of data was only a dream a couple of decades ago, but now it’s crucial…

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    lord of the rings impossible room

    Forced perspective takes control over the way our brains interpret size.

    Hobbits appearing doll size, tourists pinching a tiny Eiffel Tower, and beachgoers standing atop a body of water are all made possible by forced perspective.

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    a geyser of water next to a rocket launch pad

    Launching a big rocket? You'll need to get wet.

    Space is hard, and it's not always glamorous getting there. Sometimes NASA blows us away in mundane ways—like by shooting about 450,000 gallons of water 100 feet into…

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    a man smoking in front of a green fence

    You shouldn't assume smoking a joint is harmless.

    Researchers are wondering about the potential public health effects of Canada's legalization move, specifically in regard to smoking a joint.

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    black dot illusion

    Our entire visual field is not made the same.

    When our eyes dart around the entire scene, the black dots move into and out of our visual field, making them seem as if they are flickering on and off.

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    bottle caps plastic

    Microplastics are showing up everywhere.

    Like the water microplastics float in, these tiny bits of polymer infiltrate almost everywhere, wrapping around the globe before we even realized how far they’d spread.

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    Best headphones for an open office floorplan

    Keep the office noise out and your music in.

    PopSci's list of the best headphones for an open-plan office that will help keep your office noise out and your music in.

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    Facebook Messenger redesign

    Instagram and Facebook are more chaotic than ever, but Messenger is cutting back.

    Instagram and Facebook are more chaotic than ever, but Messenger is determined to simplify.

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    Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts landscape

    In a changing climate, cemeteries make great laboratories.

    Between the headstones at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts, citizen scientists record data on changing plant, animal, and insect behavior.

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    satellite image of a storm

    It's been a wild year for the Pacific.

    Willa will hit a relatively unpopulated stretch of the coast, but communities there—especially ones that are small and isolated—are in real danger.

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    Research involved a ‘touch test’ with ‘slipperiness ratings.’

    Researchers hope that an innovative coating for latex condoms could make them stay slippery and allow people to forgo the lube.

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    the planet mars

    Oxygen-breathing critters might be more plausible than we thought.

    Salty Martian pools might harbor more breathable oxygen than we ever imagined—enough for life to exist on or near the surface.

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    Our solar system is just a tiny speck in the Milky Way.

    It's not so easy to count up the stars in the Milky Way.

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    hand touching iPhone

    Time for a privacy check-up.

    Apple knows exactly how many times you’ve forgotten your password. And now you can too.

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    fresh produce organic

    Your wallet might have more of an effect than your shopping cart.

    There’s a lot we don’t know about organic food. But one thing we do know? Being a person who can afford to buy organic and does so generally means you’re a healthier…

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