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    OnePlus 6

    Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.

    Keep it real with your tech rumors.

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    man holding machine on icy plain

    This bizarre phenomenon could better predict how quickly the planet’s ice is melting into the ocean.

    The team eventually found that these trapped firn waves were created by the constant hum of wind brushing against the snow on the surface of the shelf.

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    Green hummingbird hovers next to purple flowers with green background.

    Shaking up what we know about bird hearing.

    Some can hit notes so high, they go ultrasonic. But based on everything we know about birds, the hummingbirds shouldn’t be able to hear notes that high.

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    Create a custom computer.

    Putting together your own computer sounds like a monumental task. But anyone can do it—especially if you have this handy beginner's guide to help.

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    mole rat adult and baby

    Worker rodents routinely eat their queens feces to gain additional nutrients—and parenting skills.

    Since naked mole-rats commonly eat poop to get any leftover nutrients, the researchers wondered whether the queen’s pregnant poop might contain a chemical that, when…

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    Eye of a Metapocyrtus subquadrulifer beetle

    Larger than life photos of tiny objects.

    Beetle eyes, nymphs, spider embryos and more!

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    Sometimes, it takes a while for your brain to catch up to your body.

    The feeling you get as soon as you step off a merry-go-round is a hard one to forget. You crash to the ground only to look up and watch the sky continue to spin around…

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    Squirrel Census Central Park

    This isn't Josh O'Connor's first—or last—squirrel census.

    The Central Park Squirrel Census took two years of preparation. Data analysis will take many more months. Here’s why this group counted every squirrel in New York’s…

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    Atlanta, Georgia skyline lit up after dark.

    Once again, influenza defies human logic.

    Flu season is upon us, but when it will hit your urban jungle may depend largely on the size of the city, says a new study published this month in Science.

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    flying over venus

    The upper atmosphere of Venus is surprisingly similar Earth.

    Today, Venus is unlikely to be a dream destination for aspiring space tourists.

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    woman dressed warmly indoors

    Stop fighting over the thermostat.

    When the leaves turn, the battle over the thermostat begins. This year, skip the debate over the ideal temperature. Here's how to keep warm without blasting the heat.

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    Dinosaur skeleton head and neck on black background.

    It's asteroid versus volcano.

    Scientists still debate what killed off all the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Was it an asteroid strike, or a giant volcanic eruption?

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    Apps and software that aim to help you feel better.

    From chatbots to call centers, AI and other tech is focusing on our emotions.

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    The storms are far from over.

    While the Atlantic Hurricanes Florence and Michael have rightfully gotten most of our attention this season, climate conditions in the Pacific are churning out one storm…

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    His name is Pando and he’s very nice.

    The world's largest cloned forest—located in Fishlake National Forest in Utah—has been shrinking. In a new paper, researchers figured out that deer, and us humans, are…

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    Head desk overworking health effects

    Stress and sleeplessness are surprisingly lethal.

    Tech companies and gig economy platforms love to boast sleepless nights and 100 hour weeks. But there’s a danger to working too much.

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    Researchers found the evidence of lungs for the first time in an avian dinosaur fossil.

    A newly described fossil found in China shows that birds evolved one of these notable features very, very early–while they were still dinosaurs, in fact. A team of…

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    Laptop and phone

    Five ways to link your devices.

    Don't keep your phone and your computer apart. If you let them sync with each other, they can help you out in surprising ways.

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    Spotify iOS

    Become a streaming music pro in no time

    If you have an account on the world's biggest and best-known music streaming service, you need these expert tips to get the most out of Spotify.

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    upset father and comforting daughter

    Children learn to handle their own feelings by observing how others deal with theirs.

    Many parents worry that showing negative emotions in front of their children will cause them to suffer.

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