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    Fallout 76

    Start stretching your thumbs because there are lots of new video games ahead.

    The big announcements from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, and the other heavy hitters in the video game world.

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    some towels on a counter

    Bacteria is everywhere—just keep the bad stuff at bay.

    The researchers reached this conclusion by culturing bacteria from 100 kitchen towels collected after a full month of use.

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    Microscopic view of the Ebola virus

    The unusual uses of off-label drugs.

    An ethics committee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo recently approved the use of a drug originally developed to fight influenza to treat Ebola patients.

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    bill falcon forever family

    Is there any truth to anti-aging schemes?

    Bill Faloon has pursued immortality for decades. Now he's got lots of company. What does science have to say about it?

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    There's such a thing as pushing yourself too hard.

    Intense muscle pain after exercise is usually just a minor case of overworked muscles. However, it can also be a sign of a far more serious condition.

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    Camping Gear

    For people who love nature's creatures and creature comforts.

    For people who love nature—and hate being uncomfy.

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    Huawei Matebook X Pro

    It seems like an Apple knockoff, but it's one of the best Windows laptops around.

    This Aluminum laptop has a lot going for it.

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    Activated charcoal

    Food trends are rarely based in scientific fact.

    Some vendors of these products claim that activated charcoal can boost your energy, brighten your skin and reduce wind and bloating. The main claim, though, is that…

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    dust map

    The rover shut down science activities a few days ago.

    By June 6, the dust hung thick enough in the sky to draw a veil across the Sun.

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    It's more powerful than a million high-end laptops.

    If you wanted to put Summit on your desk, you’d need a workstation that’s about the size of two tennis courts.

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    baobab trees in the sunrise

    The culprit is still unknown—and at large.

    The oldest African baobabs (between 1,100 and 2,500 years old) are dying abruptly, according to a new survey of the species published Monday.

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    sugar pancake raspberry

    A guide to cutting out the least healthy part of your diet.

    You should already be avoiding added sugars—but you’re probably not. Whoops. With all the guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t eat floating around, it’s easy to…

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    Welcome back, Ektachrome!

    Since 2015, a growing enthusiast market and a goose from cinematic heavies such as directors J.J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan have helped 35-millimeter-film sales…

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    Nautilus shell fractal

    But one thing's for sure: This creature of the deep has an incredible memory.

    Math, the origins of memory, and the mysteries of the deep sea can all be understood through the story of the nautilus, an ancient marine mollusk and metaphor magnet.

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    Freedom in the Age of Technology
    Freedom in the Age of Technology Event Rules…

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    Farmer plowing field

    The next generation of farmers use a smorgasbord of tools to get the job done.

    Young and small-scale farmers test new tools, refurbish old technology, and make whatever else they need to get the job done.

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    darkness falls

    It's caught in a storm that now covers a quarter of the planet, and is still growing.

    It missed it's call home to Earth yesterday, leaving it's minders on the ground worried about its welfare, and with no way to check and see if it's OK.

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    spoons full of condiments

    Our editors scrounged up some truly bizarre facts.

    What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast.

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    Antarctica ice

    The Ice Sheet has lost 3 trillion tons in 25 years.

    Given Antarctica’s complexity and global impact, its state of peril merits this kind of groundbreaking treatment.

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    inside of walnut

    Sorry, steak fans.

    It’d be great if a burger-a-day diet was healthy. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not the worst. You’ve got protein in there and hopefully some veggies on top (and on the side)…

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