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    Laptop keyboard

    For major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

    You already use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around your computer. But your web browser has its own key combos to help you explore the internet faster than ever.

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    a woman surfing

    Unfortunately, it's still going to suck.

    First thing’s first: Forget about the monster waves typically predicted in Day After Tomorrow-style doomsday scenarios.

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    Tech rumor roundup

    Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.

    Keep it real with your tech rumors.

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    Visiting city parks can give your health a boost, but not all green spaces are created equal

    Nature is great for our health, and even city parks make a difference—if you put in the work of seeking them out…

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    Rising global temperatures are making it more difficult to combat bacteria with antibiotics.

    Rising global temperatures are making it more difficult to combat bacteria with antibiotics.

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    AI see through walls

    Besides artificial intelligence, you also need radio waves.

    Radio signals coupled with artificial intelligence have allowed researchers to do something fascinating: see people moving on the other side of a wall.

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    an illustration of a frog

    Han Solo prefers carbonite, tropical frogs prefer amber.

    When it comes to fossilization, amber is the miracle material you’re dying to get submerged in. And now it's gifted us the discovery of one very old species of frog.

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    plague building

    Because yes, you can still catch the Black Death.

    The plague—yes, that plague—is alive and well in the modern world. If this comes as a shock, well, you've come to the right place.

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    A green lawn

    Make your yard beautiful—and environmentally-friendly, too.

    Let’s be real, no one actually likes mowing their lawn. We dig these alternative methods for making your yard both stunning and environmentally-friendly.

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    academik lomonosov at sea

    As world-first platform makes its way east, international watchdogs raise concerns.

    The world’s first floating nuclear power station—a 21,500-metric-ton Russian vessel called the Akademik Lomonosov—is slowly making its way across the Arctic Ocean, on a…

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    Adobe Aero

    The new USDZ file format will make it easier than ever to look at AR objects in iOS.

    A simpler way to get a dancing hot dog on your phone.

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    A snake with blue eyes

    Not all snakes are scary.

    Scientists are celebrating the discovery of five new species of snail-eating snakes in Ecuador. A modified jaw allows the snakes to scoop snails right out of the shell.

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    smoke rises from a power plant

    Now's your chance to submit an official comment.

    The public has until July 13 to comment on how the Environmental Protection Agency balances it checkbooks.

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    soccer stadium pitch

    It only comes around every four years, so make the most of it.

    The FIFA World Cup 2018 is a month-long sports extravaganza. Here’s how to stream every second of the 60-odd games between now and July 15.

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    books on table next to potted aloe

    And more science nonfiction out this month.

    It’s June—that means the peonies are blooming, the cherries are ripe, and there’s a great new crop of science books waiting to be picked.

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    Free sign

    Why pay?

    You can pick up freebies galore if you know where to look. We've collected the online sites and services that will give you—yes, you!—free stuff.

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    world cup 2018 ball

    The quest for the perfect soccer ball continues.

    Every four years there’s a new ball for the World Cup—and every four years players are unhappy with it. Maybe it’s too light and has too much lift, like the 2002…

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  • 06/18/18--06:30: How to improve your posture
  • Start by tossing out the idea that you need to sit perfectly straight.

    Posture is a common boogeyman in modern medicine. It may not be the root of all your problems, but you can still improve your position and reduce back pain.

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    The culinary sum of fat and carbs is greater than its parts

    Researchers found that our brain’s reward pathways value the combination of fats and carbs so much that we perceive the hybrid mix as having more calories than a fat or…

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    a boy and man playing video games

    Is your gaming habit a mental health problem?

    Medical professionals are starting to realize that in the modern age, behavioral addictions can turn seemingly harmless things—like video games—quite dangerous.

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