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    personality quiz girl

    Two experts weigh in on all those BuzzFeed quizzes you've been taking.

    People love turning to these kinds of personality quizzes and tests on the hunt for deep insights into themselves. People tend to believe they have a “true” and…

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    compost goods

    Organic waste doesn’t belong in a landfill. Use this kit to turn it into mulch your plants will devour.

    Leftover salad and the pear you forgot about in the back of the fridge don't belong in a landfill. Use this kit to turn it into mulch your plants will devour.

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    iCloud messages

    Text message slobs rejoice.

    Deleting a message on your iPhone will now finally delete it across the rest of your devices.

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    air pollution

    Faster isn’t always better.

    The White House’s April call to streamline and make the review process more friendly to industry could change how the standards are set.

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    burned melted camera

    Alas, poor Canon.

    Capturing stunning images of rockets blasting off into space might not be rocket science, but it does take skill.

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    DNA test

    And how to delete your account if you want.

    It’s natural to want to scratch at the itch of identity—and these days you can, for about $99. But what do the companies do with your genetic information?

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    a microraptor fossil

    Dinos got dandruff, too.

    It’s no secret dinosaurs possessed their own fair share of dirty habits. But dandruff? Nobody really saw that coming.

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    But do you need supplements?

    Here’s the confusing thing about vitamins: your life literally depends on them—but that doesn’t mean you need to take them.

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    Social media apps

    Dial down the volume on your most attention-seeking friends.

    Your noisiest contacts are hogging all your attention on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here's how to hide, mute, and generally hear less from them.

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    On court body positioning is far from accidental.

    Forget highlight reels of 360-degree dunks and half-court shots, these videos of NBA players moving in sync could be the best predictor of who will win the 2018…

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    sleep bed feet

    Sleep isn't technically one of them.

    Though you may find yourself rambling on and on to your friends due to lowered inhibitions and lack of judgement, Ambien has not been known to cause hateful feelings…

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    psychedelic grim reaper

    Researchers used psilocybin to alleviate the fear of death.

    After surviving ovarian cancer, Dina Bazer didn't feel like celebrating. Crippled by anxiety that the disease would recur, she turned to hallucinogenics research.

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    a bloody heart surrounded by forks

    Our editors scrounged up some truly bizarre facts.

    What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast.

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    Death is more personal(ized) than ever.

    New technology and a willingness to experiment means the death industry, typically so reluctant to change, is finally being disrupted.

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    Researchers hope the mechanical bug could help scientists save the climate.

    A team of mechanical engineers from the University of Washington has developed a wireless insect that holds the potential to sniff out methane gas leaks and perform…

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    a black container full of food

    For once, recycling isn't the best idea.

    Some plastic products, from takeout containers to children’s toys, are made from black plastic e-waste—meaning they’re contaminated with dangerous heavy metals.

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    Keep baby—and parents—serene.

    An adorable baby makes home an exciting place, but new parents need an occasional break from that postpartum party for things such as, oh, eating and sleeping.

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    The Eldgja volcano in Iceland

    Did an eruption turn Icelandic vikings into Christians?

    In his research article, Oppenheimer compared Eldgjá’s devastating eruption to accounts in the Icelandic poem Voluspá, written some 60 years later as Iceland was…

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    As CO2 rises, the nutrient content of many plants goes down.

    As CO2 rises, the nutrient content of many plants goes down. Pollution can make healthy food less nutritious and more sugary.

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    Wireless router reboot

    The FBI and several other security organizations want some help busting the VPNFile malware.

    VPNFile is a nasty bit of malware that can infect your router, so go reboot it ASAP.

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