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    Awesome grill gear

    Patty stuffers, meat claws, grill robots, and more.

    It's time to upgrade your barbecue. Patty stuffers, meat claws, grill robots, and more. Read on.

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  • 05/24/18--11:30: Does a black hole ever die?
  • circles around black hole with a light beam shooting out

    What we know about the mysterious life cycle of a black hole.

    From their inception to their potential demise far in the future, black holes are a fascinating part of our universe—here’s their story as we understand it now, from…

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    Lava flows from Kīlauea

    What happens when lava from the Kilauea eruption enters the ocean.

    There is something special and awe-inspiring about watching new land form. This is what is now happening in Hawai’i as its Kīlauea volcano erupts.

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    Facebook researchers used AI to create a universal music translator.

    A small group of researchers from a division of Facebook have created an artificial intelligence system that’s like a cover band with a silicon brain.

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    Pluto Showing Off Its Icy Heart

    But we won't know until we get there.

    Planet, dwarf planet—this semantic debate might be irrelevant, because in reality. . . maybe Pluto is actually sort of a giant comet?

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    A brief guide to not getting bitten by a tick while you're out in the woods.

    We have a growing tick problem, and I don’t just mean the physical engorgement of a blood-filled arthropod attached to your scalp.

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    baby cha cha

    The mind behind the Dancing Baby regrets his most famous work.

    When Michael Girard created a digital animation of a cute baby dancing, he had no idea it would become one of the first viral sensations of the digital age.

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    ancient bird fleeing apocalypse

    The mother of all birds lived on the ground.

    When an asteroid pummeled the earth 66 million years ago, forests burned, molten rock rained over the planet, tsunamis thrashed the coasts, and the sky went dark.

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    For a safe, stylish, and comfortable ride.

    Quality accessories for your motorcycle can make all the difference in how you ride—and how comfortable you are.

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    Tech rumor roundup

    Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.

    Keep it real with your tech rumors.

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    To help you ignore your dystopian reality.

    Short stories, radio dramas, and fictional docudrama podcasts that will make any science fiction lover turn up the volume.

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    picnic basket on beach with book nearby

    Disasters, kindness, oceans and more.

    Here are some science-related books that debuted over the past month to fill your weekend reading list.

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    final desk

    A surprisingly easy step-by-step guide.

    You need a workstation big enough to fit your computer, monitors, and speakers. Here's how to build your own ergonomic, customized desk that displays all your tech,…

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    test tube beef

    It’ll be more efficient than the real thing, but that’s not saying much.

    It’ll be more efficient than the real thing, but that’s not saying much. Here’s how lab-grown meat actually compares to available alternatives…

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    Harrison Ford as Han Solo

    And they’re way more powerful than real lightsabers would be.

    I’ve now worked out how feasible the blaster weapons used by, among others, the Star Wars character Han Solo are – and how they compare with lightsabers. In fact, real…

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    last week in tech

    GDPR happened, Alexa had a butt dial scandal, and enter the Twitter time machine.

    Avoid eye contact with your family at the Memorial Day barbecue and catch up on last week's big tech stories.

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    If three work, the entire box will probably work even better, right?

    What if you have like really, really bad heartburn, and you want to just nip it in the bud? Can you just take the whole bottle? While death by Tums overdose is…

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    mother and baby koala

    Sex, drugs, and baby koalas.

    Scientists think young koalas eat their mothers' poop to get their incredible microbiomes. But antibiotic treatment (for koala chlaymdia) harms this practice.

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  • 05/29/18--05:00: Stop popping your pimples
  • pimple popping

    Dermatologists warn against it, even if it’s super duper satisfying.

    The only good thing about getting a zit is popping it. You see the bulging spot appear, expand, then evolve into a fully-formed, nasty, white-headed little sucker.

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    Confide app

    Five apps that leave no trace.

    Want to send a message that leaves no trace? We collected the best apps and services for sharing text and media that won't stick around. Here’s how to use them.

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