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    country dramatic sunset red

    Next time you're watching a sunset on the beach, think about the amazing physics that's bringing you the view.

    Gaze up at the sky one evening and you’re likely to see the crisp blue sky of the afternoon replaced with a reddish-orange hue stretching for miles. You might be…

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    an astronaut stands on the gray surface of the moon in a spacesuit

    The proof is out there.

    Anyone who's spent time on the internet knows that some folks doubt the veracity of the moon landing, but the evidence is all around us.

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    This crustacean could help produce biofuels at lower cost and with less energy.

    The gribble—a small, wood-eating critter—offers clues to developing sustainable biofuels.

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    For the friend whose life is a Pinterest board

    We all have that one girlfriend who's effortlessly, impossibly cool. You might love her, you might hate her, or you might love to hate her—but she's on your holiday…

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    permafrost layers

    Viruses, bacteria, methane, and more.

    Permafrost isn’t just cold dirt, it’s Earth’s natural cold storage. But what happens when it melts?

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    christmas holiday family

    A study says you're more likely to die if you're discharged during festive times.

    For most of us, holiday laziness just means slacking off at work—but being less regimented around Christmas and New Year’s is literally deadly for some people.

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    Presents for the people who are, uh, less concerned about the planet than you are.

    Presents for the people who are, uh, less concerned about the planet than you are.

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    Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic

    Both the Atlantic and Pacific areas saw a record number and intensity of storms.

    Hurricane season is over at long last—a lengthy one for both the Atlantic and Pacific regions. The Atlantic saw two historic hurricanes make landfall in the United…

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    Cloudy solar panels smog energy

    To capitalize on the sun's rays, countries like China need to part the smog.

    Clouds are descending over solar energy, in the form of particulate matter from air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and wildfires.

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    self-driving cars

    Autonomous cars seem futuristic, but they’re already on the streets.

    A roundup of what's going on, and where, in the world of autonomous vehicles.

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    swim breathe exercise

    You inhale so automatically that you might not even realize how you know to do it in the first place.

    The way your body knows how much to breathe has a lot to do with why you breathe in the first place.

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    couple building an artificial christmas tree

    Don't stress about what kind you buy—stress about what you do about it after the holidays.

    Environmentally conscious consumers often ask me whether a real Christmas tree or an artificial one is the more sustainable choice.

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    neti pot

    Don’t rely on tap water.

    Neti pots are a great way to clear out your nasal passages—but you need to use them the right way. Otherwise, you could end up exposing your brain to flesh-eating…

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    A very good dog

    For the pooch who has everything.

    Gift ideas for the dog who has everything. Read on.

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    dracula ant

    It’s a snap, quite literally.

    Like human fingers, Mystrium camillae mandibles can slide past each other at blazing speeds, though the ants’ snaps are one thousand times faster.

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    a girl reads a textbook with a magnifying glass, and butterflies come out of the pages

    They make up the biggest bunch of the animal kingdom by far.

    Insect-related content fell 75 percent in textbooks published after 2000 as compared to those published before 1965.

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    Here's everything you need to know about COP24.

    World leaders are meeting this week and next for COP24, a key United Nations climate change conference being held this year in Katowice, Poland.

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    Puppy looking at kitchen counter.

    Gifts for your husband, wife, mom, dad, roommate, whatever.

    The best cooking tools and gadgets to keep your dinner tasting delicious—whoever cooks it…

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    the moon crossing in front of the earth

    It could be the first of many firsts.

    Chang’e 4 is part of an extensive and ambitious effort by China to explore the moon like only NASA has before.

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    Closeup of blow-fly or carrion fly Calliphoridae

    Or rather, a lack thereof.

    In December 2009, Hans Sherrer, editor and publisher of Justice Denied, a magazine dedicated to the wrongfully convicted, contacted me regarding Lobato’s case. He said…

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