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    man looking at a laptop, possibly learning

    Support your friend as they learn a new language or tackle a new career.

    Experts offer lessons in everything from makeup application to parkour to chess. Here are the lessons that might appeal to any giftee—and tempt you to accompany them to…

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    hatchet made of meat and vegan grenade

    The desire to be thin can turn trendy diets into lethal weapons.

    The desire to be thin can turn trendy diets into lethal weapons.

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  • 12/05/18--08:25: Gifts for your bald friends
  • Bald man looking up

    Help your follicularly-impaired colleagues get a-head of the game.

    These gifts are sure to please your bald (or balding) friends, and will keep their heads looking shiny and new.

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    baby born uterus transplant

    It could open up uterine transplants to a lot more people.

    It may sound like something of a technicality—babies have been born before from uteruses donated by living women—but it’s actually much more important than that.

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    A pillow for every body part!

    Hibernation isn’t an option for human beings, unfortunately. That means we’ve got to make sure every eight-hour allotment is elevated to cloud nine. These practical…

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    Purple jellyfish float in the dark

    An interdisciplinary team opens a new window into the creature's bizarre lifecycle.

    Summary: Researchers sequenced the first true jellyfish genome, and found that they pull off their series of wild transformations without much genetic upheaval.

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    Bias lighting

    Bias lighting will enhance the picture of your screen in a dark room.

    Eye experts and home theater nerds recommend a little extra light in your home theater.

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    Examination by ophthalmoscope

    The screen time debate is not new.

    Since Victorian times people have been concerned about how new innovations might damage eyesight.

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    Apple Watch ECG

    The tech could be life-saving, complicating, or both.

    We tried out the new ECG feature on the latest Apple Watch.

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    wireless router

    Protect your device from vulnerabilities.

    Your router is full of features that make it easier to use, but these same features often make it less secure. Here are the settings you should change right now.

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    Green gift guide

    Actually good gifts based on "green" puns.

    A "green" gift can me a lot of things!

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    gecko running water

    These little lizards combined evolutionary tactics to come up with their own unique way of running.

    Geckos can run straight up a wall, but it’s their ability to run across water that makes them truly weird.

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    chess AI

    It teaches itself to win.

    Shall we play a game?

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    Ferrara Church Santa Maria de Vado

    Italian scientists analyzed the microbial colonization on a historic easel painting.

    Italian scientists performed one of the first analyses of microbial colonization on a 17th century painting. The artwork’s microbiome could be responsible for…

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    a brown seal has a spotted eel hanging from its nose


    Eels end up in the darnedest places.

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    You don't need to be a videographer to love a UAV.

    Science fiction promised us that the skies would be a lot more crowded. Between jetpacks, delivery drones, flying cars, and the occasional super hero, the space above…

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    a large ice canyon with deep blue melted water in the middle

    It’s not surprising, but that doesn’t mean it's not devastating.

    Greenland is losing its cool. That’s not much of a surprise—its mile-thick sheet of ice was not made for this epoch of climate change.

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    insight lander set up mars

    It can’t move, so it’d might as well take something for a spin.

    After a seven-month journey to the Red Planet, NASA’s InSight lander is stretching out and preparing to unpack at its final destination.

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  • 12/07/18--06:30: How to get rid of lice
  • Five head lice on a white background.

    Good news: These bloodsuckers can’t jump.

    The unholy head louse is a scourge dreaded by teachers and parents alike. Here's what you need to know about lice before they strike.

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    RMS Titanic ship original black and white

    This super precise recreation shows VR has a future in history.

    Vintage Digital Revival launched a demo of its virtual reality experience “Titanic Honor and Glory.”…

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