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    Two waxwing birds sit on a berry bush.

    Here's why experts call our desire to drink an ‘evolutionary hangover.’

    Birds are on a bender in Minnesota, and we're probably enjoying it more than they are.

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    savertooth tiger in a tar pit

    Sorting through microfossils at the LaBrea Tar Pits.

    At the LaBrea Tar Pits and Museum, big remains of sabertooth tigers and mammoths get all the glory. But we can actually learn more from wee microfossils.

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    Laptop, watch, phone

    Preparation is key.

    You should take steps to prevent thieves from pinching your gadgets—and even if they get past your defenses, a little preparation can minimize the damage.

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    yoga pose flexible

    Yoga might make you too bendy without making you strong enough to handle it.

    Yoga class is all about poses, from the basics, like bridge, chair, and cow pose, up to complicated headstands and one-armed, twisting backbends. Expert practitioners…

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    throwing knife in target

    Toss around some steel.

    When you picture a sporty hobby, your mind probably doesn’t jump to knife throwing. Let's change that perception.

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    a satellite view of hurricane florence

    The Saffir-Simpson Scale isn't working, but we can't abandon it.

    One of the scariest things you can hear before a hurricane hits is that someone won’t evacuate because the storm hasn’t hit a certain category yet.

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    spore energy battery

    Bacterial spores turn moisture into mechanical energy.

    Ozgur Sahin was studying bacterial spores that swell significantly when they get wet. Naturally, he used this mechanical energy to power a toy car.

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    blades of snow and ice under a dark sky

    There's still a lot to learn about the surface of Jupiter's moon

    Blades of ice the height of five-story buildings might cover the equatorial belt of Jupiter's moon Europa, potentially complicating any potential spacecraft landings…

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    Maybe it's time to change that password.

    It's hard to keep up on all the hacks, so we're starting a list.

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    mouse on white background

    A promising proof of concept.

    We may be able to use a form of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to treat genetic diseases in human children before they’re even born.

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    The splintering sound makes the habit seem far worse than it is.

    Scientists have conducted fairly rigorous research into the long held belief that cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis, and they've all come to largely the…

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    Smoke billows out of tall cement smokestacks against a grey sky.

    We have the technological capability to stop our earth from warming further. But it looks like that won't happen.

    A new report by the IPCC shows how even tiny increases in global temperature—give or take 0.5°C—could severely alter our planet.

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    Voyager 2 spacecraft drifts through space

    It follows its predecessor toward where no other (active) spacecraft has gone before.

    Data from Voyager 2 shows signs that the spacecraft is nearing the edge of the sun's influence.

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    Google Pixel 3 Event

    Live from Google's announcement event in New York City.

    New gadgets, including the Pixel 3 smartphone and more.

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    LRDG members

    The amazing tale of Ralph Bagnold, a soldier, scientist, and scourge of the Axis Powers.

    The amazing tale of Ralph Bagnold, a soldier, scientist, and scourge of the Axis Powers.

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    a satellite view of hurricane michael

    An unpleasant surprise for the region.

    Hurricane Michael could reach major hurricane status before making landfall on the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday.

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    glass bottles on a shelf with handwritten labels

    Excerpt: The Sawbones Book

    Looking to cure that illness? Try this toxic herbal mixture diluted until it’s basically just pricey water. That’ll work . . . won’t it?

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    human remains at pompeii

    Boiling blood and exploding skulls.

    For nearly two millennia, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has served as a stark reminder that nature is capable of some serious violence.

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    Is your body the new clean energy battery?

    Body movements could generate clean, renewable energy in the next three years.

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    Hiral Tipirneni

    We spoke to candidates with science backgrounds from across the political spectrum

    These candidates share a commitment to bringing evidence-based decision-making to government and a desire for elected officials to better reflect the varied backgrounds…

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