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    Phone apps

    Cover up your digital footprints.

    Every time you noodle around on your phone, you leave a digital trail of activity. This footprint can compromise your privacy—so here's how to reduce it.

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    squeezing through a cave

    Excavating a long-hidden cemetery in a cave.

    In 2013, an anthropologist traveled to South Africa to excavate the remains of ancient humans. To reach them, she had to squeeze through a narrow, winding cave system.

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    patas monkey

    Seeing these mustachioed monkeys during an episode of writer’s block gave Theodor Seuss Geisel the inspiration he needed to write his memorable ecological fable

    New research reports that the Lorax's tubby poise was inspired by a real animal—the patas monkey—and the monkey’s bond with a real tree, the whistling thorn acacia. In…

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    salmon healthy food

    If it feels hard to keep up with nutritional advice, don't worry—cardiologists are here to help.

    Nutritional advice can feel overwhelming. It seems, at least from some headlines, like the advice is constantly changing. Even though the science hasn’t actually changed…

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    skull death illustration

    People pass away in some weird ways, and a national database lets us seem all of them.

    People pass away in some weird ways, and a national database lets us seem all of them.

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    The injury itself is minor, but the resulting pain and emotional response are not.

    A variety of physiological and emotional factors make paper cuts more painful and traumatic than they should be.

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    Mark the Shark Quartiano

    Sportsmen like Mark the Shark adjust to the era of catch-and-release deep-sea fishing.

    Hunters like Mark the Shark kill less and tag more as we move to protect big sea predators. The big ones get away more often now that we value sharks’ role in marine…

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    Mophie Pile

    If you forget your cables a lot, the extra cash might be worth it.

    You'll pay extra to lug fewer cables.

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    Parker probe in front of sun

    The Parker Solar Probe is our first mission to "touch" the Sun

    Just like beachgoers looking to get a tan, NASA has its own date with the Sun this summer. This August, the agency will launch the Parker Solar Probe on a seven-year…

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    a blue shark

    An interactive chart shows the journeys of open-ocean sharks, and where they could run into trouble.

    Oceana, an ocean advocacy group, released an interactive map this week which tracked 45 ocean-faring sharks, and showed how often they overlap with human fishing…

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    A case study in how viruses are sneakier than we sometimes think.

    A 33-year-old woman in Liberia harbored the Ebola virus for more than a year before transmitting the infection to family members—the first evidence scientists have that…

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    The treatment isn't toxic to us, but it still wouldn't work very well.

    Tick season is in full swing. For furry hiking companions, though, there’s a simple strategy: products like Frontline and Advantix go on once and protect against pests…

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    southern pole mars

    Buried under an ice cap, the water is so deep scientists couldn't probe to the bottom.

    Mars is now a dry and dusty world, but at some point in the past it had water on it and it may still run at times today. For the first time, though, new research…

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    lizard head fossil field museum

    How to condense a 10,000 year cooking time into 24 hours.

    You’ll need an organism—preferably one with hard bones or a shell. Add fine-grained sediment and rapid burial and in 10,000 years or so, you’ll be well on your way to a…

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    Nikon Mirrorless Camera

    One of the world's biggest camera makers is crafting a whole new camera system.

    Starting a new mirrorless camera line is tough, mostly because of the lenses.

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    A lizard without a tail.

    And for other weird reasons, too.

    Whether it’s fluorescent lights at work or actual danger, escape is in our DNA. But some animals take escape to an extreme. Yes, we’re talking about self-amputation.

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    beer lager pour

    Our editors scrounged up some truly bizarre facts.

    What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast.

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    The Qualcomm devices work with millimeter wave tech.

    Qualcomm has just announced an important development.

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    Long forelimbs and short hind limbs, combined with big toe pads, may better suit the lizards for surviving hurricanes.

    Scientists usually think of natural selection as a slow process, unfolding over generations of incremental change. But, as a study published today in Nature suggests,…

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    Researchers are using bacteria to give solar an energy boost.

    Scientists are using bacteria to power solar cells where light is lacking.

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