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    couple lost in woods with map

    Navigate back to civilization.

    If you get lost off-trail without a phone or a compass, and you literally can’t find north, we have a few tricks to help you navigate back to civilization…

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    Ready, player one?

    Do you play video games on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch? Whichever console you prefer, we have tricks for you to get more out of your gaming.

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    tanning lotion beach

    Sunless tanners work for the same reason a steak turns brown.

    With summer in full swing, lots of people are looking to get tan. Most of us are even willing to risk skin cancer for a brief glow.

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    Nerf Laser Ops Pro

    Pew pew pew, the home game.

    Nerf's new laser tag blasters have a single-player, augmented reality mode—which is good because Nerf darts have a short lifespan in my house.

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    wireless headphones

    Shop for the features that really matter.

    Wireless headphones are the future, but they’re so complicated that it’s hard to know what to look for as you shop for the right pair. Here’s your guide to the Bluetooth…

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    Cosmetic supplements have a lot of claims, but not enough science.

    Today, an increasing number of people are popping a pill—taking so called beauty vitamins, ingestible capsules, or gummies that all promise to improve their hair, skin,…

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    last week in tech

    Hello, yes, this is robot speaking.

    Download the latest episode of our podcast!

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    Could inequality be to blame?

    In 2015, 44,193 Americans died by their own hand. That was more than the number killed in motor vehicle accidents and over twice the number who died through homicide.

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    asteroid collision

    And that’s only the inner asteroid belt.

    Families can be out there in so many ways, with foibles, feuds, and funny anecdotes about that time Aunt Suzy did that thing. You remember the one. But asteroid families…

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    koala in tree

    And might help us save them from chlamydia.

    Peering into the koala’s genes offers researchers insights into how it survives on its (toxic) diet of eucalyptus, and will help them figure out how to save this…

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    coffee beans cup

    Enjoy your morning cup of joe with a dash of smugness.

    Here’s the thing about coffee: there’s never been much scientific debate about whether it’s healthy.

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    a girl looks at a touch screen

    How do you keep an exhibit up to date when the data is still rushing in?

    The first major update since the Hall of Planet Earth opened in 1999 is set to refocus on something uncharacteristically contemporary: climate change.

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    Jaguar I-Pace Electric Car

    New I-Pace is a breakthrough achievement—and a hell of a fun car.

    This quiet beast provides astonishingly brisk acceleration (4.5 seconds to 60 mph), a fierce 400 horsepower, and stuck-to-your seat 512 pound-feet of immediately…

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    thermacell radius

    It creates a protective dome around you.

    A dead-simple system for keeping away blood-suckers.

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    a heap of colorful balls

    Keeping everything outside the body seems like a strange choice.

    The scrotum is a mystery. Why do most male mammals have their reproductive glands so vulnerably located in a sack of skin and muscle outside the body?

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    fire reflected in creek at night

    Only YOU can protect your home from a wildfire.

    If your community is touched by fire this year, will you know what to do? Or how to prepare? Here are some resources to get you started.

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    Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology Alibaba Cainaio UAV Cargo Drone

    Meals being air freighted, plus armies of delivery robots.

    China's tech giants and start ups are building the AI and robots for China's future smart economy.

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    Of course, they warmed things up over millions of years, not a couple hundred.

    Human beings are the most egregious example of how life can wreak havoc on a planet’s natural environment, but not the only example.

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  • 07/04/18--05:00: How to photograph fireworks
  • Quick tips to make your Instagram shots flawless.

    Capture all the color and excitement, but not the noise, when fireworks light up the sky.

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    Our brains enjoy fear, but only in small, controlled doses.

    What about fireworks makes them so appealing? Why do these eruptions of light have such an euphoric effect on us? The answer might not be what you expect.

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