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    The James Webb Space Telescope has an ever-expanding timeline—and projected cost.

    NASA just pushed back the launch of the costly and ambitious James Webb Space Telescope. Again. The launch is now pencilled in for sometime around May 2020—delayed by…

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    mama bear with cub

    We put a lot of pressure on species to adapt.

    In just a few thousand years we drastically changed the temperament of dogs by domesticating them, and in a couple hundred managed to diversity them into separate…

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    DJI drone

    Safely take to the skies.

    So you've just purchased a shiny new drone. Follow these tips to fly your expensive device without endangering other people—or risking damaging your drone.

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    Head in the clouds? Then it's time to make yourself a useful citizen scientist.

    Clouds form in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, their infinite combinations and position across the sky offering a visual drama in response to the light…

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    The most terrifying critters might be right in your backyard.

    There are plenty of ways to get killed by an animal in America—and plenty of scary species to choose from. But the most dangerous critters might not be the ones you’re…

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    organized bookshelf

    The sweet satisfaction of having everything in its place.

    For those of us yearning for the sweet satisfaction of having everything in its place. Read on.

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    Walmart exterior supercenter parking lot big box store

    How to remove, reuse, or recycle these fallen retail giants.

    The big box store’s meteoric rise is matched only by its rapid decline. Architects, urban planners, and activists are now searching for ways to repurpose these retail…

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    a burst of light

    The phrase originated 69 years ago today.

    The big bang is one of those theories that even the most casual student of science finds familiar and, at least at face value, fairly easy to understand. So it might…

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    Computer spring clean

    Blow away those digital cobwebs

    Your computer could use a spring clean just as much as your house. Here's how to tidy up the clutter and keep your machine running smoothly for the year ahead.

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    What’s the matter with dark matter?

    Astronomer Pieter van Dokkum and colleagues wanted to know more about how these huge, star sparse structures worked, but detailed observations of this galaxy recently…

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    baseball home run

    Let's nerd out about the physics of hitting a baseball as hard as you possibly can.

    If ever there were a sport to completely nerd out about, it’s baseball. Geeks across America have been crunching data for years on what makes certain players or teams so…

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    clothes in laundry basket

    Extend your t-shirt’s lifespan.

    If you’re tired of your shirts fading and workout clothes stretching into flimsy wrecks, here's how to tweak your laundry habits to give them longer lives.

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    When men were men and sodas were cocaine-laced nerve tonics.

    From sodas like Coca Cola to cleaning products like Lysol, many of our favorite household objects owe their start to strange medical ideas. The most popular example is…

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    recipe card

    It, uh, had blood in it?

    Programmer Janelle Shane trained her neural network on 24,044 recipes and asked it to concoct one all its own. And, well, you can have the first bite.

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    a man pausing during a run

    Scientists have developed a fabric that generates electricity when stretched—and works better wet.

    Anyone watching Swedish scientist Anja Lund working out on an aerobic stepper recently might have thought it a strange way to get fit. She was stepping while holding a…

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    The Payload SDK allows tech companies to make gadgets that integrate into DJI's drones.

    If you have ever wanted a drone that can detect radiation, you may soon be in…

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    golden frog

    A few amphibians in Panama are suddenly showing signs of resistance.

    In Panama, some frogs are defying the odds and becoming resistant to a deadly fungus that has plagued their populations.

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    baseball bat

    It's actually more of a sweet zone.

    There’s a certain romance to wooden baseball bats that goes away the second you swing one. For those of us not trying to make it to the majors, using a wooden bat is…

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    Cracked iPhone

    Throw together a quick fix.

    Next time you drop, dunk, or otherwise damage your phone, don't panic. This basic advice will get your phone functioning again as quickly as possible.

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    Get your head in the clouds.

    You don’t need a supercomputer to predict how the weather above your head is likely to change over the next few hours—this has been known across cultures for millennia.

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