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    Close-up of a cane toad sitting in grass

    Giddy up!

    This week, heavy rains and flooding in Australia flushed a small army of cane toads out of their burrows. In an attempt to escape rising waters, 10 of those toads…

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    Snow Day Tools

    The best offerings, both handheld and motor-powered.

    Seven tools to assist in clearing snow after a snow day, from handheld tools to motored machines.

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    self-driving cars

    Autonomous cars seem futuristic, but they’re already on the streets.

    A roundup of what's going on, and where, in the world of autonomous vehicles.

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    a newborn baby's wrist with a hospital bracelet on it

    It's unclear how much information is helpful, and how much is hurtful.

    In the age of readily available genetic testing, there are a lot of questions about how—or if—an in-depth test might help or hurt the health of a baby…

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    a close-up of a combination lock, with the numbers 90 and 0 visible

    How humans invented zero—and why some tried desperately to do without it.

    Life without zero is unimaginable. But the concept is only 1,500 years old.

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    Messenger Kids

    Limited apps are often better apps.

    Less is more when it comes to apps.

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    Sea levels are rising, but it's happening unevenly.

    Some coastal regions are more at risk of flooding than others. That's because sea waters are rising unevenly.

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    Phone audio

    Create your own audio.

    Your phone chirps all the time. Why not customize those noises? Here's how to create your own smartphone ringtones and notifications.

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    Selfie photo

    For photos you'll actually want to post on social media.

    Your smartphone and its accessories offer a number of ways to improve your photos—particularly the ones of you. Here are eight tricks for taking better selfies.

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    Theodor Benfey’s spira table

    On its 150th anniversary, a chemist looks back at the various tables we almost ended up with.

    The periodic table didn’t actually start with Mendeleev. Many had tinkered with arranging the elements.

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    Home office

    Stay focused and on-task.

    Working from home doesn't have to mean a dip in productivity. These apps and gadgets will help you stay focused, motivated, and on-task.

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    science tools for the kitchen

    Bring scientific precision to your cooking.

    Normal kitchen gadgets are fine and all, but you know that cooking—like baking—is a science. Treat it that way.

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    But that doesn’t mean you’re imagining things.

    Food allergies can be confusing to figure out. Once a food item has wreaked havoc on any part of your body, whether its an itchy rash or a bout of diarrhea, its easy to…

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    city destroyed by earthquakes

    One seismologists's crusade to prepare our cities for the next Big One.

    One seismologists is on a crusade to prepare our cities for the next Big One.

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    LG Rolling TV

    Great news for people who like to watch stuff on big screens and also poop.

    Follow along with all the CES announcements without having to brave the Vegas show floor.

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    2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

    Top picks from the editors at Cycle World.

    Velocity and variety are both available in 2019 as the motorcycle space is full of motorcycles we’re dying to ride next year.

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    a large spiral galaxy next to a smaller ball of light in space

    The Large Magellanic Cloud isn’t just a pretty satellite galaxy—it’s also a future threat.

    A large, furious body of hot energy and gas is going to hurtle into our little home, throwing all the different pieces that make up the galaxy into a horrific scene of…

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    tomatoes and red peppers on a white table

    It's not just good news for lovers of salsa.

    Capsaicinoids, a group of chemical compounds found in peppers, have useful properties beyond making food taste delicious.

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  • 01/08/19--05:00: How is a rainbow formed?
  • These optical illusions require a mix of the right weather, eye direction, and luck.

    Because of their colorful and unique display, rainbows have generated countless legends and myths throughout history. Among the most popular is the Irish folklore that…

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  • 01/08/19--06:30: One day, 199 tornadoes
  • Here's what a terrifying tornado outbreak looks like.

    In 2011, an outbreak slammed through a large swatch of the Southern and Eastern U.S.—not of disease, but of tornadoes.

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