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    woman working from home

    Hack your unmotivated brain.

    If you regularly work from home, you know the struggle of staying focused on your tasks. Here’s how to stay productive outside of a traditional office setting.

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    Kid phone

    Gifts to trick your kid into thinking more.

    STEM toys to give a kid you want to trick into having a successful career as an adult.

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    This is what it takes to put escargot on your plate.

    Whether they’re foraged and starved, or farm-fed and put on ice, it takes a lot for snail farmers to get escargot on your plate.

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    Huawei Nova 4 Smartphone

    We'll all get to testify in front of Congress about tech eventually

    You remembered to get a Secret Santa gift, right?

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    Wildfire from above

    Talking it out could make us less vulnerable.

    As natural disasters get even more extreme and even more common, we need to write a new playbook to deal with an increasingly uncertain world.

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    child in hospital bed

    Influenza viruses kill up to 646,000 people worldwide every year.

    You might not think of internet oversharing as a lifesaving habit, but maybe it is. For years, epidemiologists and data scientists have scanned our search-engine queries…

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    Johnson and Johnson concealed for decades that some tests found their signature product contained traces of asbestos.

    The signature smell is hard to forget. Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder, a product that was once considered simple, benign, and ubiquitous among new mothers is now the…

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    red skulls look purple and orange

    The pigments morph because of the Munker-White illusion.

    In the image above, two skulls appear to be two different colors, purple and orange, when in reality they are the same hue. The pigments morph because of the…

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    Meet the scientists who trace the world's most notorious acts of war back to labs in which they were made.

    Meet the scientists who trace the world's most notorious acts of war back to labs in which they were made.

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    Clothing for enjoying nature, or just looking good while walking around.

    Gifts for the active, outdoorsy type including clothing for enjoying nature or just walking around.

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    Atlas V rocket launch

    Stream Blue Origin, SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, and Arianespace's launches.

    Many industries are winding down in anticipation of the holidays, but the space industry is ending not with a whimper, but with a bang: four different missions should…

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    christmas family

    Home is where the heart attack is.

    We romanticize the holiday season so much that it’s easy to forget how stressful the whole thing can be.

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    Two bright orange stars sit in a swirl of orange clouds made up of stellar material.

    See this interstellar blood bath in all its glory detail.

    Two stars are locked in a fight to the death a mere 650 light-years from Earth. A new camera system on the Very Large Telescope zoomed in on the action.

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    2018 internet summaries

    How much music did you listen to and video did you stream? Here's how to find out

    See your stats for 2018 on some of the biggest online services.

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    little girl eating cookie dough

    Like all things in life, its all about calculated risk.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly issued warnings about the dangers of consuming raw dough. But are there really risks of eating raw cookie dough?

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    About 99 percent of consumer goods aren't in use six months later. Let's strive for something different.

    Stop buying things that will get throw away six months later, and start buying stuff that could turn into family heirlooms.

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    five identical men in white turtlenecks look confused

    Your super liberal and super conservative relatives might all have one thing in common.

    Radical political views of all sorts seem to shape our lives to an almost unprecedented extent. But what attracts people to the fringes?

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    The benefits of being mindful take time, but there might be a way to speed them up.

    Despite its seeming simplicity (just empty your mind and focus on your breathing) and potential benefits, meditation is much easier said than done. A small cadre of…

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    Shamu dreams of Europa.

    This rugged field instrument can make real-time 3D movies even in harsh conditions.

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    a drawing of a big purple planet

    It's the farthest object we've ever spotted in our neighborhood.

    Say hello to 2018 VG18, the most distant solar system object ever spotted. Nicknamed “Farout,” it’s about 120 to 130 astronomical units (AU) from the sun.

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