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    Just breathe.

    2018 has been pretty overwhelming. Do what you can to make your friends feel comforted.

    They work 60 hours a week, have half a dozen side-hustles, and never, ever cancel plans. These gifts will appeal to all five of their senses, and will hopefully help…

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    Keep your bird from being sad and dry.

    Nothing ruins Thanksgiving like a dry, tasteless turkey on the table. Here's how to make your bird moist and delicious.

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    This list will be updated through Cyber Monday.

    Despite retailers overeager advertising—which now seems to stretch Black Friday all the way to Nov. 1—Thanksgiving week remains one of the best in the year for good…

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    the planet mars

    InSight will tell us about the planet's interior, but it's got to stick the landing first.

    On November 26 a new mission called InSight will attempt to enter the thin Martian atmosphere and land in a region called Elysium Planitia.

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    electric knife

    This Thanksgiving, consider plugging in your knife.

    Electric knives seem cheesy. And to be honest, they basically are. But with the right one, you can cut meat into pretty slices.

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    thanksgiving dinner food

    You can enjoy food-related holidays and still eat a reasonable amount.

    Whatever the reason, sometimes we want to avoid our basest urges—that is, to eat and eat and eat until no more pie can possibly fit inside our bellies.

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    Get stuffed.

    Filling up too fast on a holiday meal means you won’t manage to grab seconds or thirds of all the best dishes. You need to maximize your food intake—here's how.

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    Apple OS mac dark mode

    Why user experience designers are going gray.

    Dark mode is an increasingly popular accessibility option, from Twitter to Reddit to MacOS. But achieving the perfect grayscale site isn’t easy.

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    antique scale and weight

    A physicist explains why and how we redefined a basic unit of measure.

    Scientists around the world have spent nearly two decades discussing how the kilogram could instead be defined in relation to constant measurements of nature. And now…

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    a rover on the surface of mars

    And now we know exactly where it's going to poke around.

    Was the red planet home to life? Thanks to the Mars 2020 rover's new target, we might find out soon.

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    turkey thanksgiving

    No one seems to know how to thaw a turkey in America.

    Every year, around 100,000 people call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line to ask their most burning question: how the heck do I thaw this thing?

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    best tech gift ideas

    Genuinely useful tech for the pragmatic people in your life.

    When you’re a kid, practical gifts are the worst. Sure, you needed those pens for school, but you asked Santa for Nintendo or a Ninja Turtle, not office supplies. They…

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    a head of romaine lettuce next to a bowl of chopped lettuce on a wooden table

    And don't buy more.

    We don't lightly advocate for food waste, but with the holidays approaching, an E. coli outbreak of unknown origin is nothing to play around with.

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    ionic airplane

    The quiet propulsion system has no moving parts.

    The plane's "engine" has no moving parts.

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    alcohol wine


    After thousands of years of getting wasted, humans still aren't exactly sure what causes hangovers.

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    Hold the turkey skin and fatty gravy—your pet will thank you later.

    A lot of ingredients that might show up in your holiday spread (or unguarded trashcan) are harmful to pets.

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    A man stands in front of a large termite mound

    The insect architects have been building these trash heaps for 4,000 years.

    Termite mounds cover a huge area in northeastern Brazil, but no one lives inside. Now researchers think they know why.

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    an ambulance on a busy road at night

    Spoiler: Stop frying frozen turkeys.

    Follow our tips so you end up with a fat stomach and not a fat hospital bill.

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    overeating and drinking

    But it may bring more trust to your Thanksgiving table.

    Tryptophan is off the snooze-inducing hook. But researchers in the Netherlands suggest it does have a different psychological effect.

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    Credit card

    Five mistakes that will sap your money and your sanity.

    When you hit stores on Black Friday, you want to get the best value for your money. To do that, you'll need to avoid the most common shopping mistakes.

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