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    a bottle of hydrocodone surrounded by white pills

    AT-121 looks good on paper, but don’t expect it to solve the opioid crisis any time soon.

    The federal government estimates that 2.1 million people had an opioid use disorder in 2016. Some scientists hope new painkillers can help.

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    google search

    Control what people see.

    When was the last time you googled yourself? Potential employers, dates, and friends may search for your name—and what they see can affect their first impression of…

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    surgeon operating on kickball

    Before operating within a living womb, they had to practice.

    Operating on a fetus that's still in the womb is tricky, and the margin for error is minuscule. So surgeons practice beforehand—with an assist from a kickball.

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    Griddle grill

    Make smashburgers like a short order cook.

    Griddles are popping up in more backyards and burgers are better for it.

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    cheese board

    Ancient Egyptian cheese helps us understand when and how dairy came into our lives.

    While the techniques from bioarchaeology have provided this fantastic detail on Neolithic diets, where the science stops, experimental archaeology can explore what was…

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    Only a few probiotic pills have actually been proven to work, despite all the health claims supplement companies make about them.

    In a study out today in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, researchers report that a probiotic intended to treat a parasitic infection in mice actually…

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    Netgear IFA

    Whip up a bratwurst and cruise the new gadgets.

    Here are some new gadgets!

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    boy with tablet on airplane

    Don’t waste airplane time on load times.

    On long flights, nothing makes time pass like burying your nose in work. Unfortunately, in-flight Wi-Fi leaves a lot to be desired. Here's how to improve it.

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    macOS desktop

    Give your machine a digital declutter.

    A messy desktop slows down your computer and acts as a constant distraction. Here's how to clean up your Windows or macOS interface.

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    Distance, weight, and even color have dedicated measuring tools.

    Miniscule measurements can make all the difference with pernickety processes like hanging a perfectly level picture.

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    Your first meal of the day isn’t as simple as you might think.

    Since childhood, we’ve constantly been told that breakfast—compared to all other meals—is the by far the most important one. But research hasn’t always shown that to be…

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    a satellite image of tropical storm gordon

    The weak storm is on its way out of Florida, but it's gaining strength.

    The weak tropical storm will eventually make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Mobile—possibly on the verge of hurricane strength.

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    last week in tech

    Who will sit in the giant Acer gaming throne once winter comes?

    Catch up on our podcasts!

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    The Ultimate Ears Live in-ear monitors use hearing aid tech for super-precise sound.

    Each in-ear unit contains eight speakers, and each of those is tuned to a specific part of the audio spectrum.

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    Gravitational wave detection is going through an even tighter squeeze.

    Gravitational wave detectors work by looking for teeny tiny movements caused by massive cosmic collisions, but quantum mechanics mean things can get even more precise.

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    Researchers are testing how life on the International Space Station affects the microbiome.

    It turns out that when a person alters their normal sleep-wake cycle, the community of microorganisms in their gut—their microbiome—changes, too.

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    The leak has been repaired, but its origins remain mysterious.

    Air slowly seeped out of a hole aboard a Russian vessel connected to the International Space Station last week.

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    Insomniac games started with real physics and tweaked to make swinging around the city a blast.

    Swinging around the map is a lot more fun than plodding around on a digital horse.

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    a girl blowing bubbles outside

    Science tackles the hard questions at last.

    What’s the recipe that separates making a good bubble from making a bad bubble? A team of mathematicians took on the daunting question.

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    dramatic fennel

    When you let broccoli rot in your fridge, you add noxious gases to more than just your veggie drawer.

    Let's face it: We’ve all found liquified lettuce in our veggie drawers. Don't fret. It's arguably impossible to consume 100 percent of the food we buy. But a healthy…

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