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    aerial photo of venice italy

    Chris Hadfield on how to make great photos from the International Space Station.

    “The world is a very generous photography subject and you have the best tripod in existence.”…

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    Could you pull the plug?

    When robots ask humans not to be turned off, humans experience a stressful ethical quandary.

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    The constantly shifting chemical formula makes illness from these drugs hard to treat.

    Over the past few years, there’ve been multiple reports of clustered hospitalizations from synthetic marijuana. If the cannabinoid receptors were a dial, the plant would…

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    Cheerios in milk

    It depends on which scientific organization—or advocacy group—you ask.

    An environmental advocacy group found traces of controversial herbicides on popular breakfast cereals like Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Quaker Oats, according to their…

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    Space Ship

    It gets weird.

    AI draws crazy art when asked to interpret words and phrases.

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    light blue web on dark blue background with orange dots trapped along the webbing

    It's a dark period in the Universe's early days.

    “In a sense, this is the most unusual place in the universe that we’ve ever seen” says an astronomer at UC Riverside that found that a murky void in space 500 million…

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    cleaning stain on carpet

    Clean all the stains.

    Oil on the garage floor, red wine on a white rug, and chewing gum on your pants seat all present different cleaning challenges. Here's how to clean any stain.

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    Stay social without going out.

    So you aren't in the same physical location as your friends—that doesn't mean you can't hang out. Here's how to watch online videos together, while you're apart.

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    woman working with back pain

    Create a more comfortable desk setup.

    Spending hours at your desk every day is bad for your health. Here are a few misconceptions about “ergonomic” office equipment—and the real effective behavior that can…

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    Charles Darwins House

    On the Origin of Pigeons, Worms, and Barnacles.

    Although it’s too late to rebrand Darwin's famous work, it might make sense to rename it “On the Origin of Pigeons, Worms, and Barnacles.”…

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    last week in tech

    Could you murder a robot? Also: Happier topics.

    Check out the latest episode of our Podcast.

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    rover on mars top view

    Hang in there, sleeping beauty.

    While the Sun is no longer just a pinprick in the Martian sky, and astronomers peering through telescopes on Earth can once again see surface features on our neighbor,…

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    What bad headlines call lazy is what early humans called survival.

    If you’re into ancient anthropology, you’ve probably seen a headline or two touting a new discovery about Homo erectus—that laziness may have done them in.

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    Chevy Pickup truck

    The average pickup truck driver only tows once per month.

    Chevy's new Silverado towing features exemplify an effort to make towing more accessible.

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    two contact lenses on a pink and blue background

    Flushing those little lenses adds up to a big pollution problem.

    U.S. users don’t really think about where their contact lenses go after they pop them out—and that’s a heavy problem, both on land and in the water.

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    gall in branch

    Nature is wild.

    Karma exists, at least for gall wasps. These little bugs deposit their larvae in trees so their young can leech off of the plant’s nutrients.

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    colorful bras

    Wearing an ill-fitting bra is more than just uncomfortable.

    Wearing the wrong size bra is not only uncomfortable, it can cause a range of health problems.

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    woman with sweat stains under armpits in grey shirt

    Excerpt: Gross Anatomy

    Sweating is not only entirely and utterly normal, but also necessary, so I wanted to know what gave the liquid such a toxic societal association. I began looking to the…

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    a machine digging up coal

    For environmentalists, ACE doesn't make the grade.

    It’s questionable how affordable or clean a plan that props up the declining coal industry can be.

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    In medical imaging, less data could be better.

    AI is frequently used to analyze images. In this case, AI is actually creating the images.

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