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    Move to iOS

    Goodbye Google, hello Apple.

    If you switch phones, you'll want to bring your data with you. This is particularly hard when you're moving from Android to iOS. Here's how to do it.

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    The second law of thermodynamics is the enemy here.

    Why do batteries die? And, why can they only be recharged so many times before they won’t hold a useful amount of charge? It’s a result of the second law of…

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    last week in tech

    Catch up on last week's biggest tech stories.

    Listen to our podcast while you're sufing on your Tesla surfboard.

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    A small island in the ocean.

    The forecast isn’t looking great, either.

    Reaching the deepest depths of all the world’s oceans seems unfathomable. But new research suggests we’re getting close, and that’s not a good thing.

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    mars dust storm

    Time for a new plan.

    For people who dreamed of terraforming Mars using local greenhouse gases, this might be the situation they find themselves in—in possession of a detailed plan but…

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    google key

    But you can tap into similar powers without a device.

    Easy steps for making your online life more secure.

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    baby feet

    Where do transposons do their transposing?

    A third genetic element is involved in the conception process—a hitchhiker whose existence and self-propagation may be essential to life as we know it.

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    lungworm angiostrongylus cantonensis

    The answer is yes—even if you don't like eating bugs.

    Rat lungworm isn’t confined to Asia and the Caribbean anymore: It’s in the U.S. And you don’t have to knowingly eat raw bugs for the disease to strike you.

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    We love water, but most of our gadgets don't.

    The best water-resistant and waterproof gear for the pool or beach since we love water, but most of our gadgets don't.

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    New solar technology could transform the way we view — and power — our world.

    Researchers have developed a new material that can be applied to windows to simultaneously block out the light and harness the power of the sun.

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    Recommendations from the Popular Science staff.

    8 book recommendations from the staff at Popular Science to read on your beach vacation.

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    This $400 device provides crisp and clean sound.

    The Beam is the latest in the Sonos series of speakers meant to pull double duty.

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    Przewalski's horse

    Maybe that's why none exist today.

    It’s hard to imagine an ice age would be the ideal climate for horses, but almost 12,000 years ago, it was.

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    Training, motivation, and luck are key to a long athletic career.

    The time it takes the body to lose its peak performance might be lengthening. Could 40 be the new 20? Based on current elite athletes' ages and skills, for some, the…

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    Drew Castlewood with standard camera

    The Standard Camera, Cameradactyl, and the PinBox are three cameras using 3D printing.

    3D printing makes it easier to prototype quickly, leading to a boom of products for film photographers.

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    the sun

    You can learn a lot from 4.5-billion-year-old rocks.

    A peculiar set of ancient blue crystals from space suggest the sun emitted a much higher flux of cosmic rays in its early history than we once thought.

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    A cool scientific finding and a strange semantic investigation.

    “Scientists just discovered a new shape” makes for a great headline—and a lot of questions. Chief among them: What the heck is a new shape?

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    whale spouting water below drone

    Scientists can learn a lot from the substances in whale blow. To collect that spray, one research developed a special tool: a drone dubbed SnotBot.

    Scientists can learn a lot from the substances in whale blow. To collect that spray, one research developed a special tool: a drone dubbed SnotBot.

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    balloon carrying instruments to measure ozone levels

    And we should take what it's taught us into future fights.

    Headlines in recent months have read like something out of an eco-thriller. Who's producing the banned chemicals we know will destroy the ozone layer?

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    Medical imaging will be revolutionized by extreme light, artificial intelligence, and more.

    The X-ray has been an essential medical tool since its discovery in 1895. Now, it’s undergoing an incredible change.

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