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    a maze

    What makes a maze, anyway?

    This startup makes bespoke mazes for research that uses mice and other animals.

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    Amazon Prime Day 2018

    Be efficient with your search, and make sure everything is worthwhile.

    Once a year, Amazon offers its Prime subscribers an extravaganza of special deals. We have the strategies and tools you need to find the best prices this Prime Day.

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    Ada app

    Don't just assume that sore throat is a sign of cancer.

    At times, we all rely on the internet to diagnose our symptoms. But you can't believe everything you see online. Here are the health apps and sites you can trust.

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    Amazon Prime Day

    Today, Amazon is offering deals on millions (!) of products and bundles. Here are the ones that are worthwhile.

    All the Amazon Prime Day deals we like—continually updated, in one place. Read on.

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    Protecting corals from climate change could save lives.

    Scientists are studying coral skeletons not only to protect them from climate change, but also to better understand how human bones form.

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    last week in tech

    Catch up on all the technology stories you missed while you were watching the World Cup.

    Download the latest episode of our podcast about Prime Day, the App Store anniversary, and more.

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    stones around a circle in the foreground, people backlit against a setting sun in the background

    Charred flatbread found in a fireplace dates back to 14,400 years ago.

    A fire was burning in the circular stone fireplace when someone threw in bits of food—cruciferous vegetables, legumes, gazelle meat, and a flat bread. The leftovers from…

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  • 07/16/18--13:07: DJI drones are now $300 off
  • Mavic Pro Drone

    These are some of the best drones for photographers.

    Drones like the Mavic Pro and the Spark are on sale for the next 36 hours during Prime Day.

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    Short answer: Probably not.

    Just don’t do it while it is actively copying, and don’t do it within milliseconds after it has finished.

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    tree shrew in branch

    And now we know why they can handle the heat

    Spicy food doesn’t hurt you directly–it’s not poison–but your body thinks it’s getting real burns and reacts accordingly. Mammals who aren’t us steer clear of the…

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  • 07/17/18--05:00: The case for full-fat yogurt
  • yogurt berries bowl granola

    Dairy fat may be saturated, but it's not unhealthy the way animal fats are.

    Not all fats are created equal. There’s the dangerous trans fats, the healthy unsaturated fats, and the middling saturated fats, but even within that final category…

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    Drinking is part of American life, but its health consequences may be underplayed.

    Partially because it is such a commonly used substance, heavily marketed and glamorized in pop culture, Americans’ comfort with and acceptance of alcohol is high. Should…

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    China Type 055 Destroyer

    Another Record

    China's launched two of the world's largest warships at once on July 3rd, as it builds a navy fit for a superpower.

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    Cytology from a needle aspiration biopsy of a canine transmissible venereal tumor.

    Don’t worry, these diseases can’t spread to people.

    Dogs can get one of the more bizarre cancers in the world. The disease spreads from dog to dog, but it's not triggered by a virus, the way Human papillomavirus can…

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    jupiter moons diagram

    The survey also confirmed the existence of two other moons, whose discovery was announced last year

    Jupiter has always held fast to the upper echelon of superlatives in our solar system. It was always the biggest planet, a heavyweight whose gravity influences anything…

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    Ginger emoji at salon

    It's complicated.

    In November 2014, a consortium announced a new set of emoji that would diversify the physical appearance of the pictograms. Redheads weren't represented.

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    setting table dinner

    Breast and prostate cancers seem to be more common amongst those who eat dinner late, but it may just be a correlation.

    Individuals who eat dinner before 9:00 p.m. or wait at least two hours after finishing dinner before going to bed have about a 26 percent lower risk of developing…

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    Around 40 percent of us may have a fictional recollection as our “first” memory.

    Most memory researchers argue that its essentially impossible to remember anything before those terrible twos. Understanding how and why our brains form memories in the…

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    ipad on a roadmap with camera and hat

    A full version of the image editing program for iPad is expected to be announced in October.

    Adobe’s chief product officer, Scott Belsky, confirmed that an Adobe Photoshop app was in the works in an interview with Bloomberg.

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    A dolphin underwater

    They also might be better equipped to adapt to climate change.

    Researchers studying dolphins found that ones that practice deep diving have 25 percent more red blood cells compared to their shallow swimming counterparts. They think…

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