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    Wellness is for everyone.

    The app Rolling Strong is just one of several efforts to bring self-care and wellness practices to everyone. But there are some obstacles in the way.

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    last week in tech

    Download the latest podcast and catch up on everything tech you missed last week.

    Download the latest episode of our podcast!

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    And every little bit counts.

    In a study out this week researchers analyzed data from nearly 500,000 people who were enrolled in a long term health study in the United Kingdom and found that exercise…

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    A woman grossed out by her food

    A single outbreak of norovirus—or any foodborne illness—can cost quite a lot.

    Foodborne illness costs the U.S. more than $15 billion annually, according to USDA estimates—never mind the miserable nights spent groaning over the toilet. But how much…

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    Chocolate bar

    Chocolate production generates a lot of pollution.

    You don't have to give up chocolate to reduce carbon emissions, but you might choose your indulgence more wisely. Here are a few tips to keep your sweet tooth from…

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    Nike Flyprint

    The Flyprint sneakers are built to ditch water and increase airflow for long runs.

    Nike's 3D printed sneaker is making its debut at the London marathon.

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    Their brain cells adapt to help them navigate on the fly.

    While hunting for dinner, the big brown bat must hone in on flitting insects and keep track of its surroundings to avoid crashing into them. Now, scientists have taken a…

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    It's easier than buying a second computer monitor.

    To see all your files and windows more clearly, spread them out across a virtual desktop. Here's how to set up and use this tool on any computer.

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    elderly woman excited weights

    New recommendations suggest vitamin supplements probably won’t help stave off falls and breaks.

    Vitamin supplement companies want you to believe their products stave off disease. They can save you from heart attacks and broken bones and common colds. Or at least…

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    planet nursery

    The early solar system was a wild, world-destroying place.

    A study published in Nature Communications offers a dramatic origin story for the meteorite. Based on materials found inside the diamonds, researchers think this may be…

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    Lighthouse camera

    This $300 security camera recognizes you, your family, and even your pets.

    Lighthouse is a pricy, but intelligent solution for a connected security camera.

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    a pile of plastic garbage

    Hungry, hungry enzymes.

    We’re slowly suffocating a lot of natural ecologies with our trash. Fish, birds, and other animals all unwittingly consume the five trillion tons of plastic (and…

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    EverCam security camera

    Improved battery, picture quality, and security.

    The new Eufy EverCam smart home security system is now on Kickstarter. Read on.

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    Tundra swans

    U.S. policies for protecting them could be shifting drastically.

    The Trump administration has announced a position on protecting migratory birds that is a drastic pullback from policies in force for the past 100 years.

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    artificial sweetener sugar packets

    Your diet soda might just be worse than a regular one.

    Low-calorie sweeteners have been around for decades now, and we’re finally at a point where we’ve studied them enough to understand roughly how they work and what effect…

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    woman wearing sunglasses with phone

    Here’s why.

    As summer returns, it’s time to relax and read by the pool. So you pull out your phone, don your shades, can’t see a thing on the screen. What gives?

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    Superheroes offer lessons on science and technology.

    An interview with evolutionary biologist Shane Campbell-Staton.

    Evolutionary biologist Shane Campbell-Staton loves reading comic books almost as much as he loves studying unusual animals. Now he’s combining his twin passions in a new…

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    Meet ELIA, a new tactile reading system.

    Little has changed in the way of tactile reading and writing since Louis Braille published his braille system in 1829. But ELIA has big plans.

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    Little bumps and blisters used to kill.

    How did bumps, pricks, and bruises kill? I followed my great-great-great-grandma’s obituary down a deadly rabbit hole.

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    TESS in space

    TESS is blasting off on Wednesday night.

    NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will search the brightest stars in our galactic neighborhood for evidence of planets. Its mission starts today.

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