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    Ford F-150 Pickup truck

    Buckle up for a bumpy legal battle about your next car's emissions.

    The 2025 EPA emissions standards may face repeal, but there's a long legal fight before that can happen.

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    Submarines and rovers will go for a dive on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn

    Submarines and rovers will go for a dive on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn…

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    Instead of storing carbon, researchers want to convert it into fuel.

    While scientists tend to talk about carbon capture and storage—one approach to fighting climate change — De Luna thinks the future instead will be about carbon capture…

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    Forget the retail therapy. It’s time for some real talk.

    The concept of “self-care” is inescapable, between the social media posts about rejuvenating mani-pedis and TED talks about the restorative properties of journaling. But…

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    solar prominence

    Also in space: A neighborhood of black holes, a new (and old) reason to study Venus' clouds, and the end of the Lunar XPrize.

    This was a busy week for space. We heard about hopes for life on Venus, neighborhoods of black holes, and distant stars. Oh, and solar tornadoes. What's up with those?

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    silent speech MIT device

    It's like having Siri listen to your internal commands.

    Students from MIT have created a prototype device, dubbed AlterEgo, that can recognize the words you mouth when silently talking to yourself.

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    A man raises his eyebrows

    Scientists still aren’t sure why early humans had such weird skulls—or why we don’t.

    It’s one of the first things you notice when you look at archaic humans in a textbook or museum. Just above the eyes rests an imposing feature, a prominent brow ridge…

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    carolina reaper

    The Carolina Reaper gets everyone in the end.

    You know the feeling: You’re just trying to compete in a pepper-eating contest and your poor stomach thinks you’ve maybe swallowed a whole fire. It’s trying to save you,…

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    running with music

    And choose the right headphones to go with it.

    Countless studies have shown the right music can help you exercise longer and harder. Here's how to harness that science in the perfect workout playlist.

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    Facebook committee

    It's not going to be a fun trip to see the cherry blossoms

    Mark Zuckerberg will talk user data, Russian meddling, and possible regulations…

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    It takes a lot more than concrete to get a sidewalk built.

    For communities all over America, sidewalks present an increasingly contentious debate over issues of infrastructure spending, safety, and the rights of the individual.

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    Are you one of the unlucky 87 million?

    A simple check to see if your Facebook data ended up in the wrong hands.

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    Facebook testimony

    Get ready for the wildest couple hours C-Span has to offer.

    Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington to testify in front of House and Senate committees. Let's watch, shall we?

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    Reconstruction of the Shonisaurus, a giant ichthyosaur.

    England's ichthyosaurs have changed the course of paleontology again.

    In 2016, Paul de la Salle was walking along the beach in the British town of Lilstock when he came across a rock that looked suspiciously bone-like. Specifically, a…

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    Sequoia National Park, part of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

    Scant snowfall is fueling drought, floods, wildfires and mudslides.

    The Sierra Nevada snowpack is exceptionally meager this year, putting California’s water supply at risk and portending more floods, wildfires and mudslides over the…

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    A woman in the shower

    But there's got to be a better way.

    CHS is a condition where heavy marijuana users are frequently wracked with bouts of intense abdominal pain, along with severe nausea and vomiting. And the vast majority…

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    tasmanian devil

    This could save the species from extinction.

    Tasmanian devils are one of the very few unlucky creatures on this planet to carry a transmissible cancer. Nearly 95 percent of affected populations have died (and most…

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    Phone apps

    Set up price-drop alerts.

    Although you can download many apps for free, sometimes, you need to pay up for a program. To bring down that cost, here's how to set up price-drop alerts.

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    Zuck house testimony

    Follow along with all the social network drama

    Mark Zuckerberg is back on the stand in front of the House.

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    three astronauts in flight suits standing on stairs leading to helicopter

    The ubiquitous American food flew aboard quite a number of missions

    Forty-eight years ago today, a Saturn V rocket lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center, sending astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise into space on NASA’s…

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