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    But catastrophic events like these are rarely as simple as the ABCs.

    On March 15, just five days after the bridge was erected, 950 tons of concrete gave way, killing six motorists. Could the technology behind the pedestrian overpass be to…

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    As geo-engineering projects soar, the declassified project is newly relevant.

    Operation Popeye was a secret Vietnam War-era effort to conduct covert cloud seeding over Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, extend the monsoon season, and give the United…

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    polar bear

    Anatomy of a fact check.

    Global warming alarmists claimed Arctic ice cap would be gone by now, but sea ice is 5 percent above 35 year average.

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    AI vs Human

    We're in our misinformation predicament partly because of algorithms. Can they also get us out of it?

    We're in our fake news predicament partly because of algorithms. Can they also get us out of it?

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    From a mathematical viewpoint, basketball is a game of trajectories.

    Math offers a unique perspective. It speeds up the amount of time it takes to see the patterns behind the best shots. For the most part, we discovered things that the…

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    a northern white rhino

    Sudan's death is not the end of the northern white rhino's saga.

    The death of a 45-year-old rhino is rarely a tragedy; they seldom live much longer. But although Sudan’s passing was long expected, it still struck a blow to…

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    cow calf

    And the emissions might not come from where you think.

    Until recently, we had no idea how right or wrong that hypothetical average human’s diet might be. We knew that American diets varied a lot, just not how much or in what…

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    Gadget packing

    Don't break any gadgets.

    Get your trip off to a good start by making sure your gadgets are safe during transit.

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    powder brushes, lipstick, blush

    It's up to us to stay educated and informed on the products that keep us looking good.

    Cosmetics aren’t really regulated for safety or efficacy—most consumers don’t know that as they slather beauty potions from their scalps down to their toenails.

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    They hang between life and death in a delicate balance.

    When you look at the stresses freediving places on our physiology, it initially looks almost impossible that anyone should be able to dive to such profound depths—and…

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    clean desk area

    Put on a good podcast and get to work.

    Spring cleaning products to make your house shine. Read on.

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    These puzzles range from easy to pull-your-hair-out hard.

    These cuboid puzzles are designed to challenge your mind and your patience.

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    Facebok privacy

    Your Facebook account is spraying your personal info onto the internet like a hose. Here's how to stop it.

    You don't need to stop using Facebook, but you should stop using it so poorly.

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    trappist-1 system

    You can get too wet for life.

    But after so many years of looking for signs of water on other worlds, how could there possibly be a place where there’s too much water for life? Let’s take a look.

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    antipodes island field

    The million dollar mouse is dead. Long live the million dollar mouse.

    Compared to New Zealand, we are all terrible at getting rid of mice. They just totally eradicated the 200,000 or so rodents scurrying around the subantarctic Antipodes…

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    Android and iOS

    Create harmony between your gadgets.

    Android and iOS don't always play nicely with each other. But you can still use both types of device. Here are some tips for making them work together smoothly.

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  • 03/22/18--08:00: How to make maple snow candy
  • Because you forgot to stock up on sweets.

    You can enjoy some delicious, sugary taffy made using mother nature's icebox. Grab some freshly-fallen snow and get ready to pour maple syrup.

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    It’s big, but our planet is bigger.

    Yes, the Tiangong-1, a Chinese space station is falling towards Earth in an uncontrolled descent, and will crash down somewhere on the planet.

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    China J-20 Stealth Fighter

    Metamaterials can make the J-20 an extra stealthy electromagnetic force.

    China's new fighter, the J-20, uses a combination of stealth, sensors, and datalinks to compete with the most modern aircraft in the world. Now, state media claims that…

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    The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines briefly cooled the planet by around 1 degree F.

    Desperate times inspire desperate measures.

    If global warming is such a problem, why can't we just do something to set the climate back on track? Here are three particularly impractical ideas that show why cutting…

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