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    Para hockey has its own unique biomechanics.

    When it comes to para hockey, the biomechanics are completely different than playing upright. So most research is basically useless to players and coaches.

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    PowerWave Series wireless chargers

    First day and they are already on sale.

    New PowerWave Series wireless chargers from Anker are optimized for iPhones, packed with fast charging tech, and are on sale right out of the gate.

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    Scientists can help them save their polymer-based collections.

    Museums are struggle to cope with plastic decay. But a new research paper says we should follow our noses to the solution.

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    Type 003 Aircraft Carrier China

    Nuclear submarines, giant aircraft carriers, robot warships.

    A giant Chinese shipbuilder leaks out a plan for a massive naval build up of nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines, and underwater combat robots.

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    Lyft said they’d like to eventually offer a subscription option.

    Would you subscribe to ride-hailing service like Lyft if you could, just as you might sign up for Netflix or Spotify?

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    cleaning a skull

    Our history is complicated. Our pre-history, even more so.

    Discoveries pushing back milestones in human development happen all the time. That can get confusing. So here’s a very basic (but not very brief) cheat sheet of the…

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    hispaniola solenodon

    The tiny, venomous mammal outlived the dinosaurs, but might go extinct due to extreme clumsiness.

    If any animal were going to outlive the dinosaurs, you probably wouldn’t guess it’d be this lil shrew-lookin’ dude. Look at it, with its little eyes and…

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    Chocolate cake in a mug with a spoon

    This single-serving dessert takes 60 seconds—and some science.

    A microwave can transform a mug of batter into a single-serving dessert in 60 seconds. Here's how that magical humming box turns a liquid into a fluffy treat.

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    Our stool is a window into the health of our guts.

    It turns out, stool has a lot more power than we tend to think—and not just in terms of its pungent smell. Our poops can say a lot about our health, and that’s true from…

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    The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci's commerce editor. Vol. 42.

    Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are ingenious or clever or ridiculously cheap.

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    Because it sure isn't here.

    Scientists at SETI send out signals in hopes of hailing alien life—and put out all sorts of telescopes and sensors in case one of them tries to flag us down. Here's…

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    A space shuttle launch.

    The battle over America’s space program shows how to turn science into a winning issue.

    The creation of the space agency is a triumph of political gamesmanship and public pressure, and a vital lesson to lawmakers fighting for science.

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    This week, Google pushed out its multi-step smart home actions you can start with a simple voice command.

    Whether your smart home is based on the Google, Apple, or Amazon platform, you can cut down on the number of commands you have to shout.

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    The sounds of science.

    It’s an explosion that starts within the earth, a release of pressurized gases and bits of rock, either sharp shards or molten fragments or both. A volcanic eruption is…

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    macOS notifications

    Save your productivity. And your sanity.

    The constant barrage of pop-up notifications on your computer can wreak havoc on your concentration. Here's how to control—or entirely shut off—these alerts.

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    stephen hawking in his wheelchair

    The condition often kills patients within a few years.

    Stephen Hawking lived for 55 years following his diagnosis with ALS, a condition that often kills patients within a few short years. The research isn't entirely clear on…

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    Uber self-driving crash

    It's the first fatal incident of its kind.

    A self-driving car in Uber's test fleet got into a fatal accident with a pedestrian last night.

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    fishing boat surrounded by sea ice

    Hazardous sea ice is going farther, faster.

    Off the northeastern coast of Newfoundland, Canada, sea ice is a normal sight between January and May. The icy coating usually disappears in the warmer months, letting…

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    passengers on an airplane

    Surely you can't be serious.

    Planes make us reckon with the fact that humans are gross, virus-carrying, disease-burdened flesh sacs. You can’t escape inhaling the same air as the man in 14B who…

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    watching tv on laptop

    Turn your laptop into a mobile television set.

    You probably use your computer to consume on-demand TV shows. But what about sports games and news broadcasts? Here's how to watch live channels on your laptop.

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