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    It's a beautiful day for bacteria.

    Rats are more likely to pick up disease-causing bacteria like C. difficile during some kinds of weather than others.

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    When the GM Cruise AV says “self-driving,” it really means it.

    The 2019 GM Cruise AV is ready to drive you around.

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    The company's open source AI software is an armchair explorer's dream.

    What unknown worlds might be hiding behind nearby stars? We’ll never know until we take a look. Now Google is giving you a chance to take a peek.

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    volcano erupting

    At least, some of them did...

    About 74,000 years ago, a large chunk of a Pacific island exploded. It sent ash and other debris around the world, including to the southern tip of Africa.

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    Winter weather

    Fight the cold.

    Spring is tantalizingly close...but winter isn't over yet. Beat the weather with these apps and gadgets to help you get through cold conditions.

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    Wind turbines.

    Clean energy doesn't have to be deadly.

    Wind farms are good for the environment, but they pose a real risk for bird brains. An alarm system could stop birds from crashing into man-made structures.

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    Satellite image of the Sundarban mangrove forest in Bangladesh.

    The whole world is drying up.

    Cape Town could be the first major city to run out of water, and it might not be the only one.

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    SanDisk MicroSD card

    Figuring out what kind of storage you need for your phone, drone, or camera can be tricky.

    Decode the jumble of letters and numbers on the face of all those memory cards.

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    Temperatures in the Arctic could help drive extreme weather in the United States.

    New research connects variable temperatures at the north pole to extreme weather in the United States. But the idea isn't without controversy.

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    Its 5-day battery life and lightweight design makes it easy to see as an everyday life tracker.

    Fitbit released a new product that might finally get at what people really need: A (relatively) low-cost, wear-it-forever smartwatch that does more than count steps.

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    Worried about secret cameras or roommates stealing your food? Go full James Bond.

    Find secret recording devices, listen from afar, and see through walls!

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    smoke night alone

    National averages hide the counties that desperately need our help.

    Deaths from alcohol use disorders have dropped nationally by 8.1 percent since 1980. But in some counties, deaths have doubled in that same timeframe.

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    Spam letters

    It shall not pass!

    Free yourself from junk emails! This five-point plan will banish spam to help you declutter your inbox.

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    stephen hawking floats in zero gravity

    The famous physicist died at home early on Wednesday.

    Even if you weren’t a physicist, you knew him. His computerized voice enthralled us for decades, guiding us toward answers to some of the biggest questions.

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    Wisconsin dairy farm.

    Extracting methane from biogas could create fuel without fracking.

    Turning cow manure into natural gas would would turn animal waste into useful fuel without the damaging effects of fracking.

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    stephen hawking sits in front of a sign that says "Welcome Time Travelers"

    I had a lunch with him I'll never forget.

    I do not regret passing up the chance to take a selfie with Stephen Hawking. I got something way better.

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    The Svart Hotel will meet the stringent Powerhouse standard. Is that enough?

    Svart Hotel will produce more energy than it consumes. Is meeting the Powerhouse Standard enough?

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    winter landscape trees

    And we might be in for another one.

    We’ve all spent the last several weeks reading nonstop nor’easter news, as three major winter storms bombarded the East with wet snow and power outages.

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    iphone camera

    With apps, it can translate text, identify stars, and more.

    The camera in your phone is incredibly versatile. In addition to creating Instagram-worthy selfies, here are some extra feats it can perform.

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    Very little—even if it's very big.

    Scientists used to think brain-to-body ratio revealed intelligence. Plot twist: it doesn't. Otherwise, tree shrews and ants would rule the world.

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