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    China Type 094A SSBN Nuclear Submarine Hainan
    Blog: Eastern Arsenal

    It's stealthier, with a range long enough to attack the United States from Chinese waters.

    The Type 094A SSBN, in addition to being stealthier, can launch longer ranged nuclear missiles, safe within Chinese coastal waters.

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    Scientists gave some mice the drunchies

    Why do I binge eat when I binge drink? New research might explain the connection between alcohol and hunger, thanks to mouse brains…

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    The balance of microbes can change your susceptibility

    Certain bacteria that dwell in the vagina can make a woman more vulnerable to HIV.

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    Cow nose up close

    And Twitter is here to answer it

    A gassier, more informative version of “does it blend?”…

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    An amazing video shows you how, and David Bowie is there (for some amazing reason)

    Amazing 360-video from NPR's Skunk Bear walks us to the moon with David Bowie…

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    The hand-powered device could help detect malaria

    A paper centrifuge powered only by human hands could perform super-cheap blood tests.

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    Perdix drone in flight


    The Pentagon tested an autonomous drone swarm in October.

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    rusty patched bumblebee

    The rusty patched bumblebee joins the red list

    Just a few decades ago, the rusty patched bumblebee pollinated crops and wildflowers in 28 states. Now, as of Tuesday, it lives on the endangered species list.

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  • 01/11/17--09:37: Is urine actually sterile?
  • Just in case you were wondering

    Urine: Is it sterile, and why?

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    Just because zombies aren’t real doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them

    Zombies can help us understand how infectious diseases spread, teach us about math or neuroscience, and improve our efforts to prepare for real crises.

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    Bread assortment

    The U.K.’s prescription system might be confusing, but I want it anyway

    Doctor’s convenience be damned, I’d love to not pay twice as much for my pasta.

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    We’ll have to wait and see

    California usually drenched with sunlight but this week, they’re just drenched. The state has gotten a pummeling from a series of storms that have dropped vast amounts…

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    Research with a narrative is shared more widely

    A new study found that climate change papers written in a more narrative style — those that tell a story — were the most highly cited by other scientists, an important…

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    Guinea baboons

    These silly sounds are vowels, and that's a big deal

    Baboon barks are more than just silly noises…

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    Mother-daughter conflict could help explain why women live beyond child-bearing years

    Why does menopause exist? For most animals, it doesn't. But by looking to some of the only other animals who live past their reproductive prime, we can find out…

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    planet 9

    New evidence suggests it could be a rogue planet captured by our sun

    If it's out there, Planet Nine is expected to be 1,000 times farther from the sun than Earth. How did it get so far away?

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    Dodge logo

    So we’re still doing this secret software thing?

    The EPA notified Fiat Chrysler that is has reason to believe the company used software to alter emissions systems in 104,000 cars.

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    Liaoning aircraft carrier China

    The Liaoning carried at least three helicopters, eight fighters, three destroyers, two frigates, and a refueling ship.

    The aircraft carrier Liaoning is already making big waves. What's more, it's likely it'll be followed by even bigger carriers.

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    stabilizing gyroscope for boats

    At ease on unsteady seas

    Until recently, gyroscopic stabilizers were monstrous machines weighing about 100 tons. Now they're small enough to go on 30-foot boats.

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    Understanding Digital Virality

    Stories that resonate can mobilize millions.

    Popular Science and XPRIZE are teaming up to explore and explain technologies that make us say "The Future Is Now" in a video series called Future First.

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